Transmission help 06WR

The bikes transmission locked up going 70 down the highway I pulled in the clutch and the rear tire stayed locked and skidded to a stop at this time I have the whole motor disassembled and case split transmission gears out I have no broken parts all the gears are fine I dont dare put it back together till I can pin point a problem just wondered if anyone had any ideas on what would cause the lock up and what to look for.

Thank you for your time


West MI.

Go through the inspection process as stated in the factory service manual. Check the shift forks for wear or out of spec. The WR gears are tough, all it would take to "lock up" the transmission is the shift forks being bent and keeping two gears engaged at the same time. Pulling the clutch in will have no effect on relieving the transmission bind, it's the link between the crank and transmission.

Have you checked your rear wheel bearing? Maybe it seized and is the culprit. Yamaha is notorious for not lubing them adequately.

George have you determined what caused the failure yet? Glad to hear you survived.

Yes the second wheel got just a little to hot and friction welded itself to the drive axle shaft I don't know if the motor

could not supply enough oil to the shaft at that speed but my oil level was up the bike had less than 1000 miles on it

and 75% of that is woods riding. I had to take the shaft and gear to work and heat the gear with a torch and press on the shaft

in our hydralic press to get them apart and some of the gear material stayed attached to the shaft. I took some pictures of the shaft and

gear but I forgot to take pictures before I seperated them because I took the transmission to our local bike shop and the counter guy

didn't see anything wrong it wasn't until a mechanic looked at it and noticed the discoloration and said that gear should spin free on the shaft.

I would like to know what the super moto racers do for the high speed racing if they mod their transmission? Some post on thumper say dont go over 70 but they gave no reason why and there were discssions on weak gears and not to street the bike but I like the option of dirt and street. Just need to find out how to prevent this again.

But now it is time to put the motor back together and get back to riding


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