Installing a Athena Big bore

I was wondering what to expect for a break in period for this big bore kit? How long before the rings seat good and should it be ridden a certain way during break-in?

You should break it in as you would any other engine with a new top end, big bore or not.

many, many different views on how ppl like to break in engines....but the fact that it is a Athena 480 big bore kit is's a engine with a new piston/cylinder.

Do a search on here "Engine break in" and pick your poison.

The "Motoman" method seems to be popular.....

Thanks Canadian...I'll do that.:ride:

oo yeah. I'm a lumber jack and im ok, i drink all night and i work all day, im a lumber jack and im ok, i have a WR450 but its not big enough for me... right...

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