Rekluse gap measurement


I am hoping someone can help me out......How are guys measuring the gap on the Rekluse Pro? They have the feeler gauges and it is either very loose or quite tight with the adjustment (thicker plate) Is there any way to adjust the gap "in between" other than adding the one thicker drive plate.

I have an 02 yz426.

I am getting significant whining when I start from a dead stop. I have read that it may be oil....

Tried Rotella......still whining......

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Not sure which version of the Rekluse you have, but the clearance on the EZ start should be from .028 (which is a bit on the tight side, and might cause a bit of creep at idle) to .042-.050....I don't adjust mine until it is at the upper limit (.042) Using the .010 thicker plate Rekluse provides, if you adjust when you reach .040-.045, it will put you in the sweet spot...030-.035...This is not something you worry about (clearance) continuously. I usually check/adjust mine ('06 YZ 450)a couple times a year. A friend of mine has the same set up in his '06 450 Honda, and while we check it regularly, it has not needed adjustment since we originally installed it in '07...!! The more agressive you ride and work in tight areas where there is a lot of slippage, the more attention you need to pay to clearance...Hope this helps...

Adding the thicker drive plate is the only way to adjust the gap. I prefer a tighter gap over a looser gap since I like it to hook up right off idle. I use Amsoil MCF and the clutch works great.

Also, when my friction plates are new I do not need to run the thicker drive plate but I do run the extra spring otherwise I can brake stall the bike under certain conditions. As the friction plates wear and it starts to get a little loose I remove the extra spring. Then when the friction plates wear enough that I need to tighten up the gap with the thicker drive plate I then re-install the extra spring. When that starts to get a little loose I remove the extra spring again, and then when that gets loose I know it's time for new friction plates and start all over. Clear as mud, right?

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