x-chain; will it stretch

Guys I got a DID x ring chain the other day took it in and had the 520 120 link chain cut down and the butt munches cut it too a 113 instead of a 114. I got it on the bike but did have to remove the mud flap. If I take it easy will it stretch a little once broke in. I oiled the heck out of it and will let it sit till next week ( got to work anyway).

I run a similar chain on my street bike but the tension diffrence is large. .5-1" VS the 1-2" slack.

Before I even rode my 426...I put a EK gold x-ring chain on my bike! I have only had to adjust it once (the initial ride after about 2 hrs) and havent adjusted it since! I am very impressed with EK...I have always been a DID fan until I tried the EK and actually like it more! The gold color looks better than the DID also!



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The X-ring is basically an O-ring. They just claim that it doesn't have the drag of an O-ring. I haven't heard of a chain that doesn't stretch.

i rode my bike with DID's x-ring for 2 months before having to adjust it .if its too tight you could damage several parts on your bike. if it does not fit correctly to me it's not worth the chance of messing up my bike because i had a too short of chain see if one of your friemds can use the chain and buy the correct size it will be a long time before that chain streches any good amount

Sleek, DO NOT ride without the mudflap. You will ruin your shock shaft. Maybe you can sell the chain to a YZ250F rider. The 250F uses 112 links.


DO NOT RIDE WITH YOUR CHAIN TOO TIGHT. You risk breaking your rear wheel hub and/or pulling the countershaft out of the engine cases! I am running a DID X-ring and agree that it will not "stretch" very much or very quickly.

What you should do:

1. Get a different chain


2. Install 1 extra link to restore your chain to the correct length. This will require you to also buy an extra masterlink. I cut my owm chains and have some brandnew spare links for the 520 X-ring. If you need one e-mail me at Steve.B.Butler@delphiauto.com

Sleek, I'll second everything vznx1w said.

I also have a 520 x-ring gold and cut it myself, so I have a few extra links left over. What about the idiots that cut your chain incorrectly to begin with. I think they should replace the thing since they screwed up! If anything, they should have the extra links left over. I'm not too keen on the idea of using an extra master link though. Anyway, however you do it get a proper length chain on there. You'll regret it otherwise.

I have the extra links can they fit it back one link? If so the butt heads can do it for free other wise they can forget about ever doing buisness with me again. I purchased two bikes from them this year. I thought once it was cut it was cut.

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I agree with DirtDad about the dealer's responsibility. If you asked them for a chain to fit a 426, it should fit.

I also agree that its preferable to avoid running two masterlinks unless absolutely necessary. Good luck and stick to your guns.

Worse case senario I will use the chain for wifes bike and just buy another one. She has a TTR225 I think it will fit but will find out today once the place opens. I am not comforable with using two masterlinks either. I just hope I can find someone around who has the chain in stock. I was going to ride next week ( alot) and do not want to have to wait for the mail. If nothing else I will get the idiots to give me a new clip and I will just put the stock junk chain back on. It is a little stretched but has some life left.

The more I think about the this more pissed off I get.

I just did my chain. I bought a 120 chain. The chain had 119 links plus the master link. The stock chain had 113 links plus the master link.

When you say your chain was cut to 113 links are you including the master link?



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Forloop I just went to the garage and recounted. It appears they cut it down to a 112 with the master link and that is un-called for. I have the section they cut off and even circled the link to be removed and the idiots cut too much and my markings are still on the other link. I am about to go down and raise some serious hell with them.

I'm glad you got it sorted out.



01 YZ426F #85 Vet C

Well the dealer made good. He had a new x-ring on hand and even put it on the bike. I was ready for battle. The guy that I orginally talked too about the chain acted like I pissed in his post toaties but at least the problem has been solved. Just wanted to say thanks for the info.

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Glad to hear it worked out for you. I'm always happy to hear when the "consumer"

doesn't end up taking it in the shorts for a screw up by those providing the service! Enjoy the ride!

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