2006 yz450f exhaust pro circuit,fmf, dr.d

Ok i looked pretty good for this and couldnt find exactly what I was looking for. I own a 2006 yz450f stock(51 on back). I will be buying a full exhaust system for it. A couple reasons for this. 1. being that is has a 08 stock exhaust on it. I just rode a friends with a 4.1 slip on. I was loud and alright. I am in the market for either a ti-4 race the higher end model or a Dr.d carbon Ti unit. Does anyone own either one. Are they both worth there $700+ price tag? I just know Im lacking some serious hit with that 08 pipe, i also noticed they dont extend out like the ugly 06 exhaust does.

One more thing. I just lowered my forks to the bottom of the triple clamps it made a difference but not the type of difference I am looking for, I want to be able to drop the bike in a berm without it throwing me over the handlebars. Is this me or the bike. It mainly happens in sand I know thats mostly the reason but would switching front tires matter. I have a mx51 on it, all good tread.


I run a full Dr. D SS system on my bike- no complaints at all.

As for the cornering... yeah the 06 with stock suspension is about as graceful as a pig in ice skates. Get the suspension re-worked, it makes a big difference.

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