what was your 1st dirt bike???

The question was the first one, not the whole list. (I probably can't remember all of mine)

... 1985 CR500, 1988 CR500, ... 1989 CR500...
...but now we know you are a terrorist of sorts. :ride:

My first one was a 2004 TTR-250 I bought lightly used in 2006, that was the bike that started it all for me. Kept it for a year and in 2007 I bought an 07 WR450F and an 08 YZ450F. I've bought other bikes for my dad to use, which I use occasionally too, TTR-125, yz400f, kx250 and a kx100. The TTR-250, TTR-125, and yz400f are gone though.

my dad use to put me on his YZ 125 when I was 4. ride in 1st gear. then he would catch when i was done or I would jump off. but my first bike was a XR 75. think it was a '78.

my dad use to put me on his YZ 125 when I was 4. ride in 1st gear. then he would catch when i was done or I would jump off...
Sounds like when my kid was trying to walk. He couldn't really stand up, but he found out that if he went fast enough from one piece of furniture to another that the velocity would hold him up 'til he got there. Soon after that, he discovered that if he ran in circles, he didn't really have to stop. :ride:


That looks like a DS3C...250cc "Big Bear Scrambler"....My first bike was a new 68 YM1 305 Cross Country....very similar to the Big Bear, except it had a bit more displacement and had down pipes. We would swap the rear tire for the front, and then put a larger trials tire on the rear and off into the Michigan 2 tracks...those darn things would get so hot in the

sand, when you would have the inevitable crash, the motor would start Dieseling and newbies would start pulling off the plug wires to stop it from revving to the moon...(at least I did..!) after a while we found if you turned the ignition off and held the throttle wide open the plugs would cool and the motor would stop trying to spin it'self apart...aah, the good old days....


That looks like a DS3C...250cc "Big Bear Scrambler"....

YDS3C, actually, but yes. There was a YM1 "scrambler" model, much like the Big Bear, also. The biggest improvement they made in the engines was to move the clutch from the crankshaft on the 250 to the main shaft on the 305. The 250 clutch was a PITA.

my first dirt bike was a harley 125 hummer with a rigid frame it was made in 1957 the year i was born i got it when i was 11 years old i payed for it buy carrying shingles on weekends working for my dad he was a cement finisher during the week and a rooffer on the weekends when he had jobs. my dad had a 59 duo glide @ the time gas was 35 cents a gallon .my buddys had a suzuki bearcat 120 and a brigestone 90 the 90 kicked both are buts i wished i had pictures of the first expansion chamber i built for the hummer.

I had a Can-Am 175MX3. 1977 I believe. Super fast, wouldn't turn or stop. I used it to whip up on all the ATC250R's the neiborhood kids thought were so bad. 1985 was the year!

Indian 50 - It was called an Indian Boy Racer and I think it was a 1969. My Dad bought it for me when I was 8 or 9 years old. I rode it around the house for a couple years before I started trail riding, with my Dad, in Northern Michigan (St Helen / West Branch Area).

I started on a pile-o-shit DT1 for my first bike back in 95. I was about 13 years old and I was so happy to finally have a bike!!! Back in those days kids were getting yz80's and 125's that were water cooled and had the mono-cross suspension with inverted forks. My family could never afford anything like that back then so my dad bought me the DT1 for about 100$ on my birthday from a neighbor.

I knew practically nothing about it, but I knew how to ride it. I remember the engine making a pinging noise all the time, I always thought that maybe there was a piece of spark plug in there or something when I was a kid lol.... Probably because I bought 87 pump gas for an engine that required 91.

It had one of those 2 stroke oil resevoirs under the seat with a sight glass, I guess it pumped it into the carb before the mixture hit the engine... Not to sure, as I said, I never really got into the engine when I was that old.

I do remember that it was very boggy, could not snap the throttle or even roll the throttle out very fast, you had to do it very very slow :ride:. It had a steel gas tank, speedo in MPH (I lived in canada so it was prob an american bike) and an tach that didn't work.

It had a steel headlight, turning lights I believe, and a tailight, all of which did not work. Front fender was broken and 'wobbled' all over the place. Drum brakes front and rear and a black spray paint job when the original was yellow I believe.. It looked terrible, ran terrible, but I had some of the funnest times on that thing.

Used to do doughnut racing in my friends small backyard, we'd take it out to the back alley behind his house, setup ramps and do jumps with the thing. I got it in 5th a couple times doing 50mph down that alley!

I eventually sold it for a whopping 100$ to some guy and his kid, I was 15 at the time and wanted the money for something else.

I wish I could have gone back and didn't sell that thing, it was a real classic in my eyes and my first bike of course.

I think it was the 100cc model.

There was a guy on this forum that completely restored on to new, had tons of pics and everything, brought back some good memories.

I settled for a Honda S-90 (Pressed steel frame, black rubber knee pads on sided of the fuel tank, with a general "ball-buster" style fuel tank/seat juncture.....). I paid for it with lawn mowing & paper route money. It had a bigger back sprocket (for "hill climbing"! :ride: ), and a straight pipe with one of those "Snuff-Or-Not" baffles in it..... It also had a piston in it out of one of the Honda twin cylinder motors. You had to open up the cylinder's i.d. a bit to accomodate this bigger piston, and it had a higher compression ratio..... A lot of cool, hi-tech stuff for a 13 yr. old.

My dad had a Yamaha 100cc Twin Jet that I rode a lot, but it wasn't mine.... I think it was '68 model......


Ol' Dad gave me the picture of that first bike. It was in Singapore, of all places (Dad was working on offshore oil rig for American company). I was just a bit over 2 years old. A Honda 50, red tank. When he came back to the States I snagged another Honda 50. Green tank.

Yamaha DT 175 1978, I was 14 years old. $300? Paid for with money I made changing irrigation pipe and bucking bales. It ruled! All the other guys had 125s. Some of the trails we made lasted for decades. Most have houses on the trail heads now. Back in North Idaho. Took me 25years to pick up dirt biking again.

1979 yz 250,traded a nice house stereo system for it.:ride:

my father bought me and my older brother a 1980 xr 80. I can remember pre mono shock and half face helmets with paintball style masks.

A 1972 Honda SL 125K1 Turtle chaser:ride:


'93 cr250

1996 Dr350 SE. Its a tank but got the job done. Rode that till I could afford a crf450r. Big jump, but the Dr will always hold a special place in my heart. :ride:

Mine was a 1982 XR80. Rode that thing until it rotted the baffle out of the muffler and it was the loudest thing around. After that I terrorized our neighborhood on a daily basis...everyone knew when I was coming.


1973 Yamaha DT125


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