what was your 1st dirt bike???

Mine was a 1982 XR80. Rode that thing until it rotted the baffle out of the muffler and it was the loudest thing around. After that I terrorized our neighborhood on a daily basis...everyone knew when I was coming.


My buddy had a 1978 XR75. We had an absolute blast on that thing!


First two wheeled bike was a 70's vintage PW50. Didn't last too long, I screwed up my back pretty good by jumping it and landing with the rear wheel on a rock. The high-tech twin shock rear suspension gave my spine a nice slam... still have back problems today because of it :smirk:

1985 Suzuki DS80

1981 yz80

My very first was a mini bike with a Briggs & Stratton lawnmower engine. My first 'real' dirtbike is in my avatar pic...1976 YZ80C. Been on YZ's ever since except for a short period when I lost my senses and rode an RM250 for awhile.

1984 KX 60, that thing scared the you know what outa me!

My first 'real' dirtbike is in my avatar pic...1976 YZ80C.
I've often wondered about that sometimes.

1978 dt125 my dads friend took it apart and i got it in a crate and roller

i was 14 took me 3 days to get it running but was it a blast

My first bike was an old mini bike with a big faded McDonalds sticker on the front that i inherited from one of my brothers. it had no engine and I used to push it up my driveway and coast down all day long. :p My parents felt bad for me and finally bought me a $250 1980 XR 80 (Looked alot like the one at the top of this page) i thought that I had died and gone to heaven :smirk: I learned a great lesson back then, dirt bikes are much better with engines in them. :cheers:

A 1977 Yamaha IT250, my friend sold me in 1994 for $100 bucks and it came with a helmet. Man, I rode that thing thousands of miles and never had to do anything to it. The suspension was shot but I didn't care, the thing was faster than a cheetah on cocaine :smirk: I think I rode it at Pismo one too many times though, the motor got weak and lost compression so I sold it on craigslist for $300 :p


1984 Italjet 50cc :smirk:


1978 Maico

1980 kx 80 I loved that bike it was way faster then my cousins yamaha mx100!! and that was all that mattered!

1979 Yamaha IT 250 nicknamed "the Sputtering Yak". complete with Preston Petty fenders and a yellow gas cap that came off of ????

Sounds like when my kid was trying to walk. He couldn't really stand up, but he found out that if he went fast enough from one piece of furniture to another that the velocity would hold him up 'til he got there. Soon after that, he discovered that if he ran in circles, he didn't really have to stop. :excuseme:

O.K. that made me laugh!:smirk:

First real bike was a 199? Lem 50.

This is my brother's but mine was exactly the same, just no pics on my computer.


1981 Yamaha YZ 465. I know...what the hell was I thinking????

At 10, my dad took me on a suprise trip to the Yamaha dealer......we left with a new, 1979 GT80. I remember wanting the MX version (more agressive knobbies, no lights, etc), but for another 500 bucks or so, we got the steet legal version (enduro). The lights and speedo were smashed off with a violent hi-side at about 40mph. I remember the rear end of that bike riding like a pogo stick.....very bouncy. Ahhh....the good ol days.

my very first bike is a 2005 yz450 :smirk: yes. i have never ridden a bike before and picked this thing up a couple weeks ago. when everyone said its super fast, i never quite understood how fast "fast" was until i rode this thing :excuseme: im loving it so far!

i made a thread earlier about it


oh and im 19. my parents never wanted me to ride. i have been dying to have a bike for about 6 years now and i finally got one

1987 suzuki ds80

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