what was your 1st dirt bike???

My first bike was a 70 or 71 Rupp mini, that I still have. First bike with gears was a 72 Honda SL100. Wish I had that one back!

Dad got me a '72 Suzuki TS90J new for Christmas that year. It was red and white. Rode it 5,000 miles, all off road before I sold it. I worked in the lunchroom at school for gas and parts money. Thanks Dad, I miss you.

A 1972 Yamaha AT-2, which was a 125cc, 2-stroke dual-purpose bike.

It was a $100 fix-me-up special, and it looked like it. :excuseme:

2000 yz250

A white/pink 91 yz80!

2004 Suzuki RM125. Transworld Motocross's 125 of the year....

My first bike I had to share with my brother,It was a 64 Montgomery Wards Riverside 50,I think Western auto had the same one but called it something different.

Rode my first race in 67 on a 65 Stamped frame Yamaha 80,Dad had to hacksaw the fenders off and remove all the lights,Oh those were the Days.

then to Sachs,Dkw,Kawasaki,Lots of Suzukis,cz's ,And lots of bikes inbetween,Took 30 years off and now started racing again on a 07 yz450f ...

I'm still sore...............:excuseme::ride:

A 1983 YZ 60 with six gears a kickstand and kick start. Got it from Andrews Yamaha in Salem, Ohio - back when Yamaha just sold only their bikes and not Suzukis. That little bike didn’t know the meaning of quit, and it was keeping up with the neighborhood kids bikes, which were KX 80’s and Honda CR 80’s.

I know, kick me one time for having a bike that actually had a kickstand attached to the frame. Thus my user-name nokickstandsallowed. Like I really knew that I was going to join TT and start riding four strokes almost 30 years later!! (Or Did I?) ----- Ahhh life goes on!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mine was a brand new 1978 Suzuki DS 80

Found it,

It wasn't a DT it was an HS90, 90cc two stroke.


Explains where the yellow came from as that was the stock color.

What a pile, but boy did I have fun on it!!!

I want another one!

1986 pw 50.

First real dirt bike was a '70 SL100 Honda, 21" Akront, Al Baker susp., Preston Petty fenders, homemade exhaust in shop class, remove lights on weekends, ride to work and school during the week.


2003 Kx125, bought in 2007 from a guy who raced it and had it tuned to perfection. Ran great and I destroyed it in 3 years hahaha. Still have it but it's having issues, bogs real bad unless you just go wide open. No low end power like it used to have. This happened after a new top end so maybe the rings aren't seating who knows. I had my first glamis dune trip coming up around the time this was happening and said Fk it. Bought a used 07 yz450f and have had it since march. LOVE IT!!

1st bike


2nd bike


!979 KX 80. Bought it new when it came out. First Kawasaki mini

YZinger --> YZ50 -->YZ80 -->MX180 -->TT350 -->15 years away from dirt bikes -->YZ450F ....I wonder if I am a Yamaha guy at heart? :excuseme:

Mine was a 88 rm 80. i loved it...... when it was running. i forget how many time it broke down. now i have a 01 yz426f that i love even more. and im only 18

75' Hodaka 100 Road Toad....Yes I said Road Toad....Cut all the light off shortened the metal fenders and went to ride.

Honda 50cc four stroke. the predecessor to the newer z50. Mine had the three speed auto clutch, dual shocks, and metal gas tank, guessing it was a late 70s model.

My first bike was a 1991 Suzuki DR 250. I loved that bike and took good care of it. A few years after I sold it I was working at a lumber yard and I new guy we had working there came in to work one day on this dirtbike. After getting a closer look at it, it was my old bike. I was pretty ticked because it was trashed. Tired were bald, plastics cracked, seat torn, engine sounded like crap and even had two bolts missing from the head. I couldn't believe it and wished I wouldn't of sold it!

I first had a 1969 Honda trail 90. The first day we got it to start and I got a chance to ride it is the same day we traded it (and a 1971 Honda CT70) for a 2002 TTR125L. The first time I rode the TTR was the first day I had ever ridden a dirt bike (the same day I rode the 90). That was an interesting experience:smirk:

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