what was your 1st dirt bike???

First bike was 5 years ago, my "buddy" sold me his '97 KTM 360SX. About 400X harder to ride in the woods than my second bike, an '03 yz250 with a Rekluse. :p

My first bike was a 78 yamaha 80 that I got when I was 8 or 9. I'm not even sure what year it was as it was used. It had a metal gas tank and was yellow and black. Good times.

First bike was an 87 cr80 hardly rode it, parents werent real supportive of it, and didnt ride again till this year (about 15 years later), bought a well used 04 crf450 and rode it this summer, finally moved to a real bike and bought a '10 yz450f a couple months ago.

My first bike was a 1993 KX500... Yeah I know right, How am I still alive?

Lol all you guys started out years ago I've always ridden my buddies bikes as kid but my parents never could afford one for me my mom used to say I'm not gonna pay money to kill my son....lol....so what momma don't know wont hurt her. I saved up all my cash and bought a 1998 yamaha banshee and kept it at my buddies house. Lol she would have never found out if I didn't break my leg at the track.

My first bike was a brand new 1972 Yamaha Mini Enduro. I was 12 years old... I still remember the day my mom and dad brought it home from a dealership in Red Bank New Jersey...I wanted one of these bikes for what seemed like a zillion years.. I can still remember that warm May day and the first time I rode it... I rode it until I grew out of it.. I recently found a picture of one that is in mint condition and I have it as my wall paper..

1979 Yamaha GT 80


Couldn't tell me shit.

I had a blue (boat glitter) open face helmet also, damn :thumbsup:

hey im new here and my first bike was a lil honda 50 with the HUGE tires. I must have been 7 or 8 years old. I then graduated to a DS 80 suzuki. Yes....im ancient. LMAO

Just reading this thread made me really appreciate how people start riding.... It was a given thing in our house... My dad and myself and my brother always rode... It's been a life long thing for me...

i starterd riding a honda qa 50 i think it was. i was 13 years old. i think it was about a 1970 model. then to a sl 70. in 1974 i bought a 1974 yamaha mx 125 and started racing motocross.Oh yes i'am that old too

So far I'm the only one with a Hodaka........Don't know if that's good or bad. Damn I would love to have that bike back.:thumbsup:

1978 Suzuki DS 80..


I rode this thing into the ground.

late 80's yz80. I used to have to push start it on cold mornings.

gees they were some fun days. ride double, blindfold the person on the back, and you had to try and make them fall off the back without stacking the bike. that was our fave game. my first girlfriend dumped me after i rode off just as she sat on it so that she would fall in the mud. chivalry is dead.

So far I'm the only one with a Hodaka........Don't know if that's good or bad. Damn I would love to have that bike back.:thumbsup:

Dirt Squirt?

Mine was a Honda Trail 50

So far I'm the only one with a Hodaka........Don't know if that's good or bad.
I do. We used to work on a lot of Hodakas. Cool little bikes.
Dirt Squirt?

Mine was a Honda Trail 50

75' Road toad....Took all the light off, and took a hack saw to the rear fender, and bam....motocross ready...

So far I'm the only one with a Hodaka........Don't know if that's good or bad. Damn I would love to have that bike back.:thumbsup:

They were good bikes.

Not my first bike but was on one for my first trophy. 1973. Note the Koni shocks, Webco head......and dent in the tank:smirk:!


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Webco head

1975 MT125 Honda that I stripped the lights off of and turned it into a MXer.

my first bike was a 1990 suzuki ds 80 rode it from age 4 to 7 then went to a 1995 yz80 up until i was 12 then i got a 1986 rm 125 had that until i was 15 then i bought my first bike on my own a 1979 ktm 250 it was clapped out and was only ridden a few months then the following summer i bought a 2003 gas gas ec 250 and a 2000 kx 250 (which i put a kx500 engine in) then sold the kx and gasser n blew the money like a fool except i bought a cool 1997 cr 250 sold it and now i have 2 yamaha wr 250s an 89 and a 96

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trade offer

My first bike was a 1980 Yamaha DT80 same as an MX80 I believe but was an enduro. It was a great bike and rode the crap out of that thing. I sold it for the same price I paid for it ($350) about 2 years later (and MANY MANY miles later). The new owners took it home and had it stolen that night. I was at a wreckers yard about 20 some years later looking at some bikes and lone behold... my old DT80 was laying there... How could I tell this you ask... I inscribed my name on the backbone under the seat... every other number was rubbed off by whoever stole it.. but my name was front an center still! It was one of those moments let me tell you... almost shed a tear.. Yes I brought it home with plans to rebuild but I ended up taking it back to the wreckers... it was "wrecked" to say the least.

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