Uptight pipe

Uptight claims a significant hp gain using their can. Plus even more when using their header- 53-55hp ( YZ 400). I dyno'd my bike (at Willow Springs) last weekend. It has an E-series pipe and header. I got a 44.5hp reading on the L&L dyno (after being seriously flogged) If anybody has experience with the Uptight please let me know. My plan is to install the whole package and see what happens. He told me that if I don't receive a significant gain in power, he'll take it back. If you noticed, his claims are equal to the claims of the big bore kit, and he's not shy about it. I'll post what MY results are

That's a very interesting claim. There was/is a company called Works Racing that offered the CNC head porting service. I contacted them asking about the service and they emailed me about their dyno using the Up-Tite setup. However, their web site won't load now...and hasn't for some time. They may have gone out of business. I'm very interested in what you think about this exhaust system.

Does Uptight have a web page to look at?

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