tight clutch?

hello, i got a problem with my clutch its seems like i need a new cable because to pull my clutch lever in is pretty hard and on a good day of riding i always end up with blister on my clutch hand cause it so hard to pull in?

i loosen everything up and moved the wire thru the cable and it feels like butter??:banghead: i got a new cable waitin at local part store but im not thinkin thats the problem?

has anyone else had this problem?

there are no kinks in the cable no holes, etc.

any help would be awesome!!:ride:

oh and its a 02 426

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or atleast what you would try first..

Try lubing the cable, pulling it when it's not under load of the clutch springs is one thing, and pulling it when it's off the bike is another.

Hold it vertically and spray cable lube into the top and move it up and down. Keep on doing this for about 10 minutes until fluid starts to come out of the bottom, this will tell you that the entire cable is lubed.

Do this first.

alright ill try it first thakns alot

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