radiator braces anyone?

i have to bring both radiators in to fontana radiator works next week. i'm getting sick of smashing them.

who has figured out how to brace up their radiators without restricting airflow?

anybody make a bracket rig that adds strength?

I have been using Devol guards for the last two seasons and have gone through 3 pair of radiator shrouds, (how she earned the name "Bang Bang Betty"), without destroying the radiators. The Devols were well worth the money.

I also have the Devols and they are indestructible. Last weekend at Lake Moreno I tipped over on a big rock and the only thing that happened was that my graphics on the shroud got chewed up (that is what stickers are for). The Devol front front disc guard is also a good investment. :)


I just put mine on. Like a Devol but thicker aluminum. Indestructible and $79.00. Real cool guys over thar in Kansas :) Not sure if they have ones for XR's?

I just purchased the Works Performance Rad. Guards. I still gotta put 'em on. These do not replace the stock deflectors in the front and appear to give side support. I'll have better info. once I bolt them up. Until then...I'm outta here! :)

thanks for the suggestions all. rockett, i'm interested in the works performance guards. how much were they? and you said they don't replace the louvers?

let me know how they install.

Yep, ya keep the stock louvers. I got mine for under 50 semolians at Rocky Mountain. I got a wild hair and got Works Performance parts for my Pig, my son's KDX & My Knuckle Dragger (CR500R). I'll mount up the rad guards for the XR this weekend and get'cha the 411. :)


Searched "rocky mountain motorcycle", nada. WP only lists shock on their site. Can you hook us up ?



www.rockymountainmc.com $45.99 part# W18085

They mount on the sides and behind the radiator so you don't have to touch the stock louvers. I have had mine for almost a year and they seem to work just fine. They mount up easy and the price is right. :)

Thanks. I'm sold.

Works Performance Rad. Guards.

I got the same and they also bolted up nicely. I've not really tested them out yet in terms of falling hard on the radiators, but I'm sure they're better than nothing and they don't restrict the air flow.

Haven't had a chance to bolt up my braces yet, but they look real cool in their wrapper and they support the cardboard real good! :)

Alllrighty Then...Bolted on the Works Rad Braces last night. Very easy install and they support the radiators very well. I give them 2 thumbs up on the Rokatt Rater :):D :D

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