running LED lights off of 2010 stator?

The stator on the yz450 2010 supplies DC current, apparently 35 watts.

I had heard that it was a 14v system and not a 12v, is this the case?

If I run a 12V LED light off of it, will it work with a 14V system?

Will a 12V LED light (tail light and headlight) draw too much power away from the fuel injection system?

What fuse should I run?

Going to check the wiring diagram for a + lead, but if someone wants to save me some hassle and can tell me which wire I can run off of, that would be great.

This is a legal requirement where I live and ride, and it would only be used just to show the LEO that the lights do in fact work. If you ride at night you have to have them, but if you get stopped during the day they want to see them working.

I could really use anyones info on this, thank you!

35 watts at 12v is only about 3 amps. Coming from a company that puts magnetos on their carbed 450's that are smaller than the gas cap is, you have to ask yourself why they would run such a big generator on this thing.

IMO, the obvious answer is so that it will generate enough electricity at cranking speeds to create 60 psi or so of fuel pressure. After it starts, the system is probably overkill, but if you have a light sucking away all you cranking current, you may not get too far. Point being that you will need a switch to make this work, if it does.

DC power is from the red lead coming off the regulator/rectifier. It's probably DC V+, but it's not marked, so it could be negative. Normal charging voltage for a 12v DC system is 13-14.5, so I wouldn't be too concerned unless it goes beyond that.

Grey thanks for the speedy reply!

So I should tap into the regulator then huh?

I have the wiring diagram and according to it there are 4 wires coming and going from the regulator.

W1 and W2 come from the stator to the regulator

and Red and Black come from the regulator, where black grounds out (I'm assuming onto the engine or frame or the regulator bolts itself) and the red goes to the system.

I guess I'll be tapping into the red wire.

Grey, would you recommend a 3amp fuse then?

I agree with the switch and the guy I bought it from said that it would be a good idea to keep the lights off when your trying to start the bike.

The guy said that UFO makes an LED headlight that is about 70-80$ but I googled for UFO headlight and didn't really find anything. Acerbis makes a real fancy one but I'm looking for a simple setup here, just to stay legal on the trails. If any of you have any suggestions, let me know :ride:

I can do a pretty good job on this I think, I need a headlight still (they are out of stock) but when I'm done I think that it would be a great little system that you may actually be able to use at night!

Thanks for the help!

I'm interested to see how this works out for you... do keep us updated on what you find.

Yea no prob, I'll keep this thread regularly updated with any progress that I make.

the stator on the 2010 450f 110watt at 14volts there is at least about 40 w spare power they can run the wr head light the only important thing is to have the light off for starting once the bike is going no problems the bike need as much power as possible to start

running leds is no problems

you could even use the plug where the power tuner plugs into

some people in australia have done this

Really???? Thats like 10 watts more than a WR stator??


Well I have no idea how I got the 35watt number. Checking the yammy usa website it's clear that there is 110 watts of juice in this bike.

14 volt / 110W high output generator powers the battery less fuel injection system.

Looks like I can actually put a decent headlight on this bike.

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dont run any more the a wr head light (35 watts) + led taillight i would think there is not much more spare power people is aus have wr headlight and led taillight and have got rec rego

Looking at a WR headlight now, posted some questions in the WR forum about the front headlight. I'll wire it so that I can only use the low beam, which is probably all I would need.

Already mounted up the rear LED tail light (red) to the fender, looks nice and clean. I have the wire going right under the seat, but so far have not wired it up to the wiring harness on the bike.

I need to pick up some watertight connectors, some harness plugs, fuse tube and some wire to do a decent job. I think I'll tuck it in underneath the gas tank behind the frame if I can. Wrap it all up tightly with electrical tape and zip tie it to other wires and/or the frame.

I think I'll stop by the china bike dealer and grab myself a watertight switch for the job, they're under 10$ and should do the job just fine. Switch will basically turn on all lights at once, brake and running light for the rear will be wired as one.

Thanks for the information guys, really appreciate it.

I'll get some picks up tomorrow of the rear light working if everything goes according.

I think I've run into a roadblock... This might not work out with a standard headlight.



I think the ECU is going to be in the way!

Can anyone confirm how deep headlights go into the clamp?


I had to relocate the "revbox" from a CRF230F to get the headlight to fit on. Yours has much less clearance than the 230 did.

I got a cheap headlight for it, but it had fork wraps like you mentioned. I think the final solution for me may be to make or have made a bracket that holds the headlight out far enough to clear the crap in there.

Here are some headlight options on Ebay.

If you are handy, I'm sure you can make some type of mount for a stock WR headlight, maybe even using zip ties.

I have the Polysport MMX light on the 230, it was about 50 bucks from

It is pretty junky, here are a few of their offerings.



you also have to replace the brake hose with a wr one i have seen a wr head light on the 2010 they must of relocated the ecu if you do this make sure the ecu is is still orintated the same way it has a tilt sensor i did try the 07 wr head light and the ecu is in the way.i only seen a picture of the bike with it all on sorry i dont have the picture the person had advertise this bike for sale with rec registration. you can also buy high power leds of ebay in various configrations

You should also give Baja Designs a call. They have "Enduro Lighting Kits" so they probably know exactly what you will need.

Their headlight assemblies are expensive, but in the range you were looking at spending for a stock one and they, for the most part, seem to have the details worked out.



Hey did you ever get a headlight? i was considering one, looking at that ebay link you can get one as cheap as 30 bucks, and they look hollow in the back so you could avoid cdi problems with little modification if needed.

ouch careful some of them have a shipping fee of $30+

Hey did you ever get a headlight? i was considering one, looking at that ebay link you can get one as cheap as 30 bucks, and they look hollow in the back so you could avoid cdi problems with little modification if needed.

I am really curious as well. Did anyone get a light working on the 2010???

I got my trailtech vapor wired in, back light works great lol...

I never did hook up the rear light though.. never bought a headlight. Kinda gave up on the idea since the ECU blocks installation of a regular headlight.

Update here, finally got it going. Not going to lie but I was pretty lazy when it came to this and just didn't want to make time to do it. Today I decided to get it done with and have a light that works on the bike. I'm glad I got a rear, it's really bright and now the local fish cops will have one less thing to ticket me on

Here is the ground. Probably not the best place to put it, but it's fairly solid and is away from the heat of the exhaust.


Here is the fuse box I used, found it at an auto parts store and uses standard car fuses. I soldered everything except for the ground ring, so it should hold up well. I tried to route the wire where it wouldn't be seen, and where it wouldn't get pinched or burned. Only issue I have is if I want to take the sub frame off, I will have to cut the wire. At that time I'll buy a harness connector and tie that in for future disconnections. The connection is made to the optional connector for the tuner, I burned off the plastic on the red lead and soldered my trailtech and the light onto the same wire.


Finally the finished product, nice and bright. The light had two leads, one for brake and one for always on, so I soldered those together to get the whole grid to work on the light.


Was worth the time. Now I just need a headlight. I'm kinda nervous about running another device off the tuner wire though, not to sure if that's a good idea.

Look up and see if you can find some LED spotlights (9w),they are quite bright.

I used to sell LED lights from a company from here in AZ called Rigid Industries. They make some pretty sweet led lights, here's a link to the Dually LED light they make:

They have a bunch of cool videos showing how bad they beat them up like dragging them behind a truck and shooting them, so they're pretty tough and they're low draw.

Just my 2 cents

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