running LED lights off of 2010 stator?

I was thinking of going even more low profile, with just led bulbs mounted and drilled into my front number plate up the right or left side. Only good to pass the law, and no good for lighting up a trail.

But if I could find a functional headlight with a small draw (like niles mentioned, 9W) with a handlebar mount, or another type of mount that does not go onto the front number plate. Wouldn't mind having it mounted on the upper triple clamp, or even the top of the front fender etc. I'd love to be able to know that at least if I get a little lost, find my way but it's getting dark, I at least can stick to 1st/2nd gear and see what's in front of me until I get back to camp.

That dualy would be just awesome for my truck, I could put a couple as flood lights on the back for night time shin-digs :thumbsup:

Whole bed could be lit up, as well as what's behind the truck, could use the bed as a table, maybe get a girl to dance up there and install a pole... :bonk:

Thanks for the link, I am seriously thinking about getting them for my truck, they look great!

They're pretty small, I was hoping to mount one off of my lower triple clamp on my 09, but they have the weak stator so I don't wanna fool with a battery. We had a customer with an SVT Raptor that had those things mounted up every where....

I want this setup....

Oh wow, that is one slick setup!!! Would work well with the 2010/11 cause it would not interfere with the ECU as it appears to be flat backed.

You can get really small batteries that are fairly decent that you could fit somewhere on the bike. I can't remember the name of the manufacturer but they're really small, about the size of a D cell battery. It would probably be enough for a light setup like that and the stator charging it constantly.

I'm just worried about drawing too much from the system, I don't want to blow the stator. Where do you get a light like this? I wouldn't mind checking out the specs.

That's the same company that makes that rig, Rigid Industries. One of the brightest light setups I've seen on a bike, except for maybe a giant HID on a Baja 1000 bike.

On the EFI bikes the key is to be able to turn the lights off while you start the bike. The system needs all the juice it can get to run the fuel pump at cranking speeds.

Yes I remember you mentioning that before. The draw from this little light and my trail tech is so low that starting has not been an issue. But if I get a headlight, especially like the one in the link that was posted, I'm going to have to run a kill switch for the light cause the bike will probably not start with it on.

What about load on the stator? Is it possible that I can burn something out by running lights off of it? Is there anything I should be aware of that could harm the system?

The system is capable of over 100 watts, as I recall. I don't think an extra 35w drain will permanently hurt anything.

anymore updates on head light setups? It would be nice to have a head light that can be turned on for those long rides that end up in the dark...kinda like what is going to happen in the next couple of months to come.

I run this headlight on my 2011 yz:

You can fix the ECU to the right fork and the side of the light frame (drill a hole) with cableties (front of ECU facing to the outside). The harness takes no abuse in thIis position. Take away the ECU bracket off the frame and fix the plus to the left thread.

I tried LED bulbs for the headlight and went away from it (102 SMDs). I run a 35W head bulb and 0.6 W LED rear light (Racetech Devil) of a 12V RC power pack (4200mAh, ca. 600gr.) it theoretically lasts an hour plus. I just use the connector as a fuse.

I went this way since this is only an emergency light for me an I wanted to go as simple and cheap as possible (total. approx. $ 160,--) . I mostly race motocross and I wanted a quick conversion without getting into the wiring harness.

so will this light work directly off of the stock YZ power with out hooking up a RC power pack? 35 watts should be no problem if turned on once the bike is running. I am the same way, i just need the light for a few occasional big mountain rides for a back up if things get late...otherwise I'm running the race plate all the time.

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