2010 yz450f parts.. where can I buy from?????

I have been looking online for parts to upgrade my new 2010 450... I am finding that NO ONE really has any arts for the 2010 model. Of course its new and a whole new desgin but there has to be a time where they start building stuff right??? If anyone knows where there is a good selection of parts that I can look at online somewhere that would be awesome. Thanks for the help

It takes R&D which costs money to make parts that actually work properly and are effective.

Probably going to be another year before we start seeing all kinds of stuff.

just do a search on ebay for 2010 yz450f and about 8 pages of stuff come up, mostly exhaust but i keep seeing new stuff every week

Also, RockyMountainatv.com has the ability to create a machine profile and search for parts based on that. The number available has grown a lot since March when I got my 2010. Before being listed at catalog companies like that, I found what I needed at the vendor sites (works connection, FMF, etc.) Also many of the parts from 2009 fit like the brake rotors, clutch basket, etc. Many of these can be found by doing parts lookup. I know the online fische (if it's called that anymore, I know what real fische looks like) wasn't available for a while but I think it is now. Anyway it takes some time and research.

What kind of parts are you looking for, I haven't had trouble finding too much?

Nope, not much out there! Like brenten said, next year should be better. The bike here on the east coast has not sold very well, since non-currents are going for 4600.00 dollars. Since there are few bikes, nobody really has the suspension down good, motor mods, etc. A company here in Pa, called PR2, did the first 450 just 6 weeks ago. Took them 3 times to get it right for my friend. Next year things will be different.

All in all the bike is really good out of the box. The only thing I have seen or heard is valve cover gasket leaking, and the fuel pump sometimes breaks when the gas is low and you jump it real hard; like flatlanding it after a large double or triple. This has only happened instances of very little gas in the tank. Gas probably helps dampen the blow, but IDK the the specifics on why.

My fuel pump broke with just about a full tank of gas in it.

What kind of parts are you looking for?I have no problem finding stuff for mine.And I know my motor/suspension shop has the suspension dialed in awesome.

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