DNA wheels?

Anybody ever try these wheels? Any good?

I had a set on a KX500 90.

I had too change out the bearings and make new spacers because they did not make wheels for that year.

They are good wheels. there strong and took quit a bit of abuse.

Not to bad on price either.


They are great. I have lots of happy customers running them

I've had them on my RMZ450 for over a year now and havent had a problem. :ride:

I have a set on my 426. Some people say that theyre junk but I think theyre fine. Some of the back spokes have been a little loose but i check them every ride just to make sure. I didnt think spending over a grand on wheels, for a bike that isnt worth much more, made much sense. So I bought a set and Im happy with them. I kept my stock Excels just in case.

They are great. I have lots of happy customers running them

+1 i have a set on a 02 426 ,needed to change to 18" rear bought the set and have been abusing them for over a year ..no issues:thumbsup:

I have a set for my KX450F. First thing, they are noticably heavier than stock. Secondly, they seemed to be holding up fine. I tightened spokes every ride and had no issues. I raced the Loretta's regional at Baja in MI, which is a sand track. They had practice the Friday before the race and I was coming out of a corner and it felt like my rear shock came up through the seat and right up my back. I don't know if I hit a hole just right or what, but it demolished the rim. It flattened out a 8" section. I don't know if this was an issolated incident or what. The front is still as straight as the day I got it. Next time I'll probably spend a few hundred more and get some different one's, however.

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