Any tips?

I rode about 1 time a year on my XT350 sense 1992. This year I sold it and bought an 06 WR450 and have rode about 500 miles so far and am now falling off on the low speed rocky technical climbs. I moved the forks up and reset sag played with suspension settings and it rides better but is taller. I'm 5'8 and can barely touch my toes to the ground. When I get tired on those steep loose rocky sections I accidentally hit the throttle as I'm being bounced around and it usually ends up with the bike on the ground. I ordered a Yamalink and a new rear spring yesterday so that should help. I started pedal biking to help with the getting tired but above 10,000 feet there isn't much air to breathe while riding. I'm not an aggressive rider and do a lot of part throttle mountain riding. everywhere else I'm fine.

Is there a progressive throttle kit available that will help me control it in the hard stuff or should i just get better at riding?

What kind of improvements can i expect from the Yamalink?

Can I or do I want to add flywheel weight?

Any other tips would be great. I'll ride again this weekend and report back.



Fitness, seat time, and suspension fine tuning are what you need.

I'm 5'8" and also have trouble touching ground when I have my sag set for my weight. I hardly touch ground though.

Throttle control, and confidence from more seat time will help. Drop your gearing so you can carry more RPM's at slower speeds. The yamalink should help on your standover height, and ground contact. You should also look into getting a ReKluse auto clutch. Check into getting your suspension done. DaveJ at SPI can really help, and the suspension work can smooth your ride.

I also see a steering stabilizer in your future.

as 2in says... it is all throttle and clutch.. i stalled mine a ton when i got it...

my 06 was still factory geard 14 on front, i swapped to a 13 and bumped the idle up just a tad, also you have to ride it a little more aggressive than you would think..

I am short too..5'6" and touching ground is always a struggle for me.. no link on mine yet

the only fww i found was 2 oz, i dont think that would make much difference..

did the smart performance suspension on mine from is a complete diff bike...

what rear spring are you putting on it ?

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Hey thanks for the info:thumbsup: Bumped the idle up a little, picked up a 13 tooth front. the spring didn't get ordered so I'll hopefully get a race tech or call around tomorrow. going with the weight that Dan from Yamalink suggested, and I'll probably have to buy another one later as i lose weight. (I Quit smoking & drinking tons of beer 3 weeks ago and started working out) at that time I'll send the suspension out and get it set up for me. A steering stabilizer and ReKluse auto clutch maybe next year. Drag race season is almost over than I can ride every weekend till I'm too sore to move.

Thanks again


Almost forgot. I was thinking of hooking the grey wire back up. Somone said it helps up here at altitude? will it do anything? noone seems to know for sure

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