[b]stop dying[/b]

how can I stop my 426 from dying when i go over rocks and bid tree roots slow :)

hey, I just learned something new today. You cant use HTML in subject titles!

Anyways, so how long have you been riding the 426? If by chance your new to the big four strokes then you will just have to get used to the power charateristics of it.

What makes you think its something mechanical? Is it dying while you have the power on (you said your going slow) or are you just idleing? :)

More throttle and a death grip :)

I have road four strokes for about 6 years i give it plenty of gas but even when i go slow down hill rocks will kill it :)

I am sure you could increase the idle, but, I am sure you have already done that and it may be masking another issue. How does your plug look? When was the last time you changed it? Post your jetting, pipe, and elevation. Maybe, your plug is loading up.

Guess your not really the master then huh :D

Just kidding.. :)

Throttle control and clutch slippage are as important as bike setup. Attack, wheelie, and don't slow down.

Check your rear brake pedal adjustment. I had to adjust my pedal as low as it would go. I found that I would be pushing the brake pedal because I was in a sitting postion and my foot was leaning forward. This helped me alot.

i have a brand new iridium plug i also have a auto clutch but it usualy dies when i ride wheelies over logges ledges and rocks I have changed the needles position and re jetted it :)

You might check/adjust your float level and float bowl vent for blockage. :)

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