Brake light not working

Yesterday I had the bike all ready to take to inspection. I just needed the tires. So I removed the wheels off, and right now they are in the shop.

I am tweaking a few things. I turn on the bike, to test all electrical stuff. Evything works except the brake light does not go on.

The light is on, but when you push on the brakes it does not light up anymore to signal stops.

My question is. Do the wheels need to be on the bike in order for the rear brake light to work. Front and rear are not working.

With the rotors removed there is probably not enough pressure to activate the switch try putting 2 quarters inbetween the brake pads then push down on the brake lever and it should work.

Hope you didn't blow the calpier piston out??!!? :)

What kind of switch setup do you have? Hydraulic switch or mechanical switch? :)

GOdaaamm it!!

I got the wheels put in. Now my brake light will not go on.

GEEZ. I would like to take it to inspection today. Anyone know anything I can do.

I checked the wiring, it is right. The brakes have been bled, and work perfectly.

The brake light is on. But when I press on any of the brakes, it will not work!!

I have the electrix dual sport kit. It has Banjo bolts.


Scorch - calm down, it is a flash light circut. Do you know that much about electricity? Get a circut tester, (one end is a clip that goes to ground and the other end is a pointy thing that when it finds 12 volts positive it lights a little bulb in the handle. Turn the bike on and see if power is at the switch, it should be on one side of the switch. If it is press down the brake pedal and see if power is at the other side of the switch. If it is the switch is working. Pull the tail light out and see if power is at the bulb. This is not a difficult problem, save the rage for something better, (like a clutch bushing).

Thanks, I got it fixed :D

Apparently the wiring from the tailight was switched around :D :D :)

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