E-start problem 2004 WR 450

Hi, I recently bought a 2004 WR 450F, it was running fine until I start having problems with the e-start, I take the bike to the mechanic to check the starting motor, it was damaged he repaired it and also I had to buy a new battery (I bought a chinese battery:bonk:) , the e-start worked just one weekend riding :worthy:. The chinese battery was dead, this time I bought the original one, but the e-start doesn't worked, it sound like tac-tac-tac. :banghead:

So, now the battery is new and the starting motor is repaired...

Do you know what could be happening?:ride:

PS: sorry for my english, I'm not american :ride:

If you have been grinding on the starter, you may have burned up the starter relay. It is located directly in front of the batter.

I would double check the voltage on the new battery because some times they aren't fully charged from the factory. I had the same problem with my bike where you hear that fast ticking sound from under the seat, once I bought a new battery and made sure the voltage was up the problem went away. Don't forget to buy a Battery Tender for your bike as it will keep the voltage at the correct level and your battery wont die out.


Hi again, I bought the original battery for my WR 450F specting that it will solve the problem, but nothing happened. Now it moves the starter but it is not enough stronger to start the engine.

The other problem that I'm having is when I try to start the bike with the kick starter, it's so hard and have a lot of compression, sometimes is imposible to me to make it run, I have to pull the bike with the truck.

Do you have any idea about this?


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