o-ring chains and frozen links

I hear everyone talking about o-ring chains and how great they are. I must be doing something very wrong. I have only tried o-ring chains a couple of times, many years ago, but in every case after 5 or 10 rides they start getting frozen links. I've tried lubing them after every ride (the chain lube said OK for o-ring on the label so I took their word for it) but this makes no difference. Has anyone else had this problem, or is it just my bad luck?

Me and my buddies all run DID X-ring chains and they last forever. One guy never does anything but spray WD40 on it after he washes his CR250. Three years ago, this guy installed his chain on his brandnew 98 CR250, then removed it before trading for his brandnew 01 CR250!! The chain was in such good shape that he went ahead and installed it on his 01 CR250. He's a "A" class MXer and rides 2x every week.

I too use the WD40 after washing, but also use Chain Wax after the chain has dried just to be sure that its lubed good.

i've had o-ring chains also and they have froze up on my i donno if it is very good for it but i let it sit in meneral spirits for about 5 days and all the hard links came right out of it every day i would take it out and move it around a little.

i've run o-ring chains on muy last 3 bikes i've never had a frozen link and the chains last forever all i ever lube my chain with is wd-40 one of the BIG NO NO"S with o-ring chains is NEVER EVER spray water directly them especially with pressurewashers this will force water past the o-rings then the water is sealed inside the chain by the o-rings causing the chain to rust inside and kink i am now running the did x-ring i recommend them a lot the last and last if you take care of them wd40 before every ride and after washing

I know of your problems, but i too think the o-ring chain is superior. what i do to keep my links from freezing is i save the oil from a few oil changes in a bucket. After every hard ride(race, or a hard practice) i remove the chain and let it soak in the oil at least overnight. Then hang the chain up to drip dry another night. The excess oil drips off and the rest is soaked into the o-rings. Then i use regualr chain lube over that. It works great.



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