wr450 surging

Hi all, I've recently made the switch to 4-stroke and just bought an '08 WR450F and i've noticed when riding at a constant speed on a flat road that it tends to surge a bit, does anyone have any tips on where to start? does it sound like a fuel problem?

Search the forums, common problem, been addressed many times.

Look for TPS stutter

as above, disconnecting the TPS sensor should sort it out

as above, disconnecting the TPS sensor should sort it out

Before you simply disconnect it I would go through the TPS checks that are clearly instructed in your manual. Even a bafoon with a multimeter can do the checks with a buddy to help hold one of the probes. The system checks really do work too, my bike had a steady throttle stutter that I ignored and dealt with for two years :worthy:. Two weeks ago I did the TPS checks and it was slightly out of adjusment (.89V I think), adjusted it to middle spec and it runs smooth as silk now :ride::banghead:. Such an idiot for not checking it earlier.

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