Lucky B*****D

I must be a cat with 9 lives, About an hour ago I thought I would go for a blast across the ploughed fields, and forgot about F&M and the fact it had been raining for the past 24hrs, I shot into the field at about 40/50mph, In the middle the bike just sank in a bik dirty, sandy Abis! I went from 3rd to 4th Dogged it and dropped the cluch, the bike and I flew out of the mud and wheelied across the field! I decided that I should leave the field until it was dry!

To top it off as I was on my way back from the field I have to travel about 100yds on a country road, I han no helmet on and the only car I met was a police car! I bricked It (remember i'm 16 with no licence or insurance) It stopped! the policeman put his window down and said "Put a helmet on" and with that he watched me ride away and drove off! I'm still in shock, 3 weeks until my bike test and it was nearly all over!!

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