"00 426 Nightmare?

Hi Guys, this is all new to me so bear with me. I bought my 426 a year ago (1st new bike) & it was soooo nice to see it in my garage. I have had bikes for almost 30yrs but raced only 1&1/2 when I bought it. In my 1st MX race on the 426 I finished 4-1 for 1st out of 15 WOW! It has been a dream bike ever since. The only thing that has bothered me has been the grabby clutch & I still got more holeshots than ever before. About a week ago I found Thumpertalk.com & now things arn't so nice any more. I read all the 426/400 stuff from the last year & Boit seems to be the only "00 426 owner that has hung on , fixed everything and shows faith in the "00 426. Now I notice the clutch more than ever , also the loud noise ,CB key? and if I loose 3rd or 4th on one of these jumps I could break my neck! Probably $2000 to upgrade to a "01 426 or I can start fixing my "00 & hope I don't blow a gear. Probably about $1000 to get things attended to on the "00. What do I do? I take it they strengthened the gears on the "01 426 , nobody has complained that has an "01. I don't want a 2-stroke!!!

Clod, There are actually quite a few who still have the 00. I'm one of them and will offer you this. If you haven't had any of the "known" problems yet, you probably won't.

Having read what they are and addressed them you should be fine. Stay on top of maintenance and continue enjoying the bike!

Clod- I be a 00 owner too. I still read this forum often and I've noticed lots of new names ever since the 01's came out. It's been cold here in OK so I really haven't had much to say here, mostly I've just been observing how the 01's have been faring. Also I think, for some reason, the 426 brought a lot of new riders into the market and maybe this is part of the reason for all the mechanical news. I have several friends who also ride 426's and with the exception of the cheezy clutch, you hardly ever hear of a mechanical problem. I raced mine hard all last summer and never had anything go wrong, but I did spend a fortune changing the oil and babying it. Mine is stock mechanically still. I know there are exceptions and there must be a few lemons out there, but forums like this seem to attract more of the negative news than they do the positives. I am a little torqued at Yamaha for building that clutch the way they did but otherwise it's a great bike...


I have had my '00 426 since last April and have had no problems at all. Still on the same spark plug, stock bars, stock chain...

Clod Hopper: I was beginning to attribute my good luck with this bike as just having bought a "good one". The only glitch I had was that little stumble in carburetion that I was able to cure. YZThumpa is my good riding friend and he runs his bike hard with minimum maintenance....and has experienced no failures. It seems that with the '00, it can be hit or miss. I hope you continue to enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine.

As far as that key goes, there was another '00 owner who made his own that he believed was superior in fit to the stock key. I can't remember who it was. The '01 went to a spline fit. Obvioulsy, Yamaha saw the weakness with the key fit. Also, now that I have several hours with the Hinson clutch basket, I can easily say that this is almost a requirement if you want better clutch action. Too bad that ALL manufacturers can't contract with Hinson for their baskets.

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Thanks Guys, I am now thinking about keeping my 00. So some of you have had no clutch problems at all. I take it most of you ride MX & not trails. Found out my fork tube is nicked $237.00 for part alone.

Boit, that was me with the handmade CB gear key. I can provide one for anyone who needs it.

Clod, I had about 90-100 MX rides on my '00, and when I repaired the CB gear key, the clutch was in excellent condition. IMO, clutch life is all about how it is used.

What fork tube did you damage? I might be able to provide you with a good used one.

Lower tube, my new fork seal won't seal at all. Tried buffing it out, no better.

Clod Thrower, I've had no problems with my 2000 426. However, I have noticed my clutch the last few times I rode it to start getting a little grabby. I think I'll just replace the stock basket with a Hinsen basket. Everyone with grabby clutches seems to be doing that, and are happy with the results. I still love my 426.


Livin the life in Port Huron, MI. I'm 15 with a 426!

YZ 426's suck!(all the air they can get)

THROTTLE JOCKEY......because all golf courses should be motocross tracks!

I have a 00 also. I felt the same way as you after reading the posts on this list. I thought, Oh No I bought a lemon. After owning it since August with not one problem other than some noise I think it's a great bike. I have not heard of anyone in the Denver area having any problems at all with thiers. I agree that lists sometimes make things seem worse that they really are.

Roostn in Denver

Has anyone tried the Performance Engineering basket. It looks good & its only $199.00 Boit I thought I read something about your Hinson getting grabby again. Is it still good?

Hey regarding your nicked fork tube, I had problems with my CR and most recently my 426.

Here's what I did.

CR: I had a chronic leaky seal problem and had smoothed out all the nicks but still would eventually leak. Turned out it was slightly dented. A big rock must have hit the plastic guard and this is why I could not feel a nick. My lower tube was only 120 or so. You should ask your dealer for a break or call around or check the web.

YZ: Had a couple of nicks if you can feel them with your finger nail, it will leak.

You need to file them down with a file or a sanding stone. Then use crocus cloth to polish it out. Be sure to use a plastic bag lined with oil when you put the new seal on.

Hope this helps.


Clod Thrower: I wasn't sure if it was getting grabby again or just breaking in. The stock basket used to make a kind of screeching noise when I would first try to slip the clutch and would be quite grabby. After it warmed up, it smoothed out and was quiet. With the Hinson, the clutch is barely noticable in grabbiness when it's cold...or it just might be me because I LOOK for anything out of the ordinary. There is supposed to be a modification to the clutch push rod to aid in oiling but I'm not going to do it until I understand exactly how to do it. It involves cutting another spiral groove in the rod end...I believe. Maybe BK(a Yamaha factory 426 mechanic) will see this thread and comment.

The Performance Engineering basket would probably be equal to the Hinson.

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For those interested in a Hinson basket, check out www.motosportoutlet.com

They have it for 189.00 and they don't charge postage. I've ordered several items from them and had them within 1 week.

Originally posted by dirtdad:

For those interested in a Hinson basket, check out www.motosportoutlet.com

They have it for 189.00 and they don't charge postage. I've ordered several items from them and had them within 1 week.

WOW The Performance Engineering basket is $139 I can't seem to order online does anyone have a phone #

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