Mounting a WR headlight on a YZ

My yz450 is capable to run a headlight, and I like the look of the WR headlight the best out of all the aftermarket ones.

I can buy the assembly for about 200$ and according to the fiche it looks like there are a couple of mounting bolts on the lower clamp.

Is there enough room to drill and tap my existing lower clamp or does the WR use a special clamp?

Is there anything else that I should be aware of?

I appreciate your help, hopefully I can have the information I need by monday in which I will order the assembly.

Depends. We have no way of guessing what model year your bike is.

Some simply bolt on, some slide into holes and bolt on to brackets on the top.

I would look for one on Ebay, they go for 60 to 80 bucks there. Here is one.

WR 250 / 450 Headlight Assembly

My WR (02 426F) has 2 holes next to the forks, the outer two in this photo (sorry, it is a little blurry)


The braket is shown installed in this shot.


Have you considered putting a WR Triple clamp on your YZ? With some checking I assume you could confirm it would work, and would have the mounting screws. On my year I believe they have the same size tubes. Assuming everything else would work, you may have to run a WR fender, but I bet they are interchangeable.

Here is an 06 WR450F Triple on Ebay for about 55.00.


Here is an 06 YZ450F Triple on Ebay


weitz, that answers my question!

The triple is obviously different on the WR than the YZ for the headlight mount. I think I'll just go with a UFO light or something that straps to the forks... Problem is now though is that my ECU is on the steering stem right in the front of the bike, I have no idea how deep these lights run into the forks... There are pics of the issue here;

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