GNCC Racing

Have any of you TTr's done a GNCC race? I've been thinking about giving it a try and I don't want to pack up my gear for a road trip if it's just an average harescramble. What's the scoop?

I havent raced one but have been to a few and they arent your average hair scramble. Did you happen to see any pictures from the first race down here in Palatka, The Hurricane. That was the meanest race I have ever seen in my life. They are definetly something different than the ordinary. I cant wait to try one.

I did Loretta Lynn's last year. It definetly is big time. You realize it when you drive up and there are like 10,000 people there. Looks like a Rock and Roll festival like Lalapalooza. They have a Vendors row, with just about everything you could possibly want to buy for your bike available. Very cool experience. Every harescrambler should race at least one. Oh and beware of all the sandbaggers in the lower classes. There will be A riders lined up in the first year racer class. Punks, but go ride one anyway. The one this weekend in Maryland at the WISP is going to be one of the top 3 events of the year. Go, you will love it.

Oh and also the pro riders are much more friendly than your mx or sx stars. The GNCC boys will stand therea and have a good conversation with you and everything, they are a really cool bunch of stand up guys and you can basically walk right up into their pit area and check the bikes out up super close. At The Hurricane we were checking out the Yamaha boys bikes and chatting with the mechanics about their setups for the mud and what they were doing differently, and talking to them about the wr250f. Had a nice little conversation with Rodney Smith to, he's a pretty cool guy. :)

Jetster is right. The GNCC races are awesome. I raced the first four races. Man, you need to bring your A game to compete. I lucked up and won at Big Buck in 4 stk C.I was

very fortunate because everyone sandbags. They have the race

broadcast on the radio so it makes it really cool for the fans.The pros are awesome and go out of their way to speak.

In short, it's worth the trip. Have fun!!

Definately worth trying at least one. I did one but ripped the fuel line half way through the first lap (approx 5mi). I got some looks on my old 1987Husqvarna, a second to last off the line horrible start, but moved to about half pack before ripping the fuel line. Here is the upside: Jeff Russell the promoter was riding throughout the day and stopped to lend me a hand to limp it back to the truck. Very cool when a race veteran like that stops to help you out and tell you about the WR430 he raced back in 87 or 88. He is very down to earth and runs a good show. Definately some competition out there and I am merely a respectable rider not close to great, but I was doing fairly well on my dinosaur. So don't let the factory rides and guys at the line with brand new gear and tricked out bikes intimidate you. I am looking for a newer thumper KLX300 or WR400 to hit some more local hare scrambles and looking forward to competing in more GNCC's in the future. Best of luck.

I lucked up and won at Big Buck in 4 stk C.I was very fortunate because everyone sandbags.

Don't let him fool ya, folks... it wasn't luck. BigE was a force to be reckoned with in setra all year long. Saw your old bike at KORE the other day... what'd you upgrade to? I went to a yz450... :) Are you moving to B next year or am I still gonna be chasing you? I'm going to Diamondback Sports Center for the race this weekend. I ran the first one and finished 6th in C... I got passed by at least two people when I had to stop for gas... Big tank is on for this one, though. You should check this series out if you can... lots of setra people. Anyway, good to see you posting on here, Bill.


David Dantzler

setra 4-stroke C #418


I am going to whip your tired old butt this weekend...... Leaving for Diamond Back in a couple of hours...Weather up there is great...81 deg...good breeze...and no rain, NOT like in Atlanta right now.

We're going to be parked just across from where we were for the 1st race....Bought $300.00 worth of food for the weekend...You and your better half stop by, Sunday Lunch is on me....

Bonzai :)

If you want some more info go to the website. If you don't know the address it is

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