Can I make an 09 WR450f have less power?

Just for learnings sake, I'll recap the legitimate things I've heard:

-FMF powerbomb header (smoothens power delivery).

-Double headgaskets (drops compression).

-Different throttle cam system.

-Heavier flywheel (reduces how quick the engine spins up, increases low end centrifugal force helping piston keep smooth movement at lower RPMs)

-Lower tooth rear sprocket (less power, higher top speed).

Let's stick to the ones that work. I'm interested in hearing knowledgable peoples opinions on the above options and the pro's and con's of all of them. I'm not at all interested in dropping the power of my bike, but I am interested in learning some stuff!

I don't think the heavier flywheel will be the way to go...

I looked for one for my 04, and found only one that was 2 oz heavier, and a lot of $$.

From what I heard after posting a thread on what difference 2 oz would make on a WR450, the answers I got back were "hardly noticeable".

The issue is not "Power", or "Too much power" it is "Power Delivery".

There is no such thing as too much power (my own opinion), it just has to be put to the ground in a way that is easily controlled, and manageable. Once you have achieved that to your liking, you have as much, or as little, power as you want.

The KTM 300 two stroke electric start is the most bitchen bike. Light and agie, lots of tork throughout the power band.

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