Hot Weather, bike preformed better then ever

My friend and I where out riding in this heat wave up here in Ontario and both are bikes rain the best they have in a long time.

Why is this,does this mean are jetting can be improved over all. :)

I had the understanding that bikes tend to run better when its cooler because of the air being denser so that it can suck in more O2 with every stroke allowing it to burn more therefor increasing power. Now I am also curios, anyone got the real answer to this.

maybe the bike was lean to start with... but up in canada its pretty cold to start with :D:):D :D :D

Yeah, you may have been jetted too lean for colder temps...and perhaps for your mods, if any.

As Jetster mentions, colder, denser air provides more power, with proper jetting to match the extra available oxygen.

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