I have a 2000 yz426 and i was interested in makin it street legal but i herd that you can make them legal in california then take the blinkers off and use hand signals. I ride trails more than anything so i dont really want blinkers.

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Joe, let me know what it takes when you find out. I live in Georgia and have made many calls trying to get a tag for mine. I want to ride in a few enduros which require lights, spark arrestor and a tag. I bought a light setup from mxsouth.com and already put a spark arrestor on mine but I was told it will still be very difficult to register it. I got a tag from a friend of mine and am going to try and ride in an enduro in a couple weeks but have a feeling it won't work. Please post what it takes when you find out. Good luck.



God Bless

Hey Joe,

Unfortunately there is no way you can make a 426 street legal in Cali. As a matter of fact a lot of people including myself can't even get a green sticker! But Damn, that would be fun!

Actually, I would love to hear from all of you on whether you got a green or red sticker. Thanks, I'm stoked I found this forum!



I bought my 99' yz400 used in Sept. The person I bought it from had a 2001 JUN green sticker for it but he never put it on. I somehow misplaced it so I called DMV and they sent me a replacement green sticker for $2 about two weeks later. For some reason about 2 weeks ago I got a 2001 JUN red sticker for it out of the blue. I don't know why they sent it to me but I did read somewhere that they are putting red stickers on everything now including Dune buggies, not just 2 strokes.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

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