yz400f front wheel bearing clips SOLID!?


is it possible to do this without the special tools?:worthy:

got the seals out easily but this is the first time doing this on this bike and the clips on BOTH sides are solid (no gaps, no holes for the special plyers) :ride:

tried prying, punching, and :banghead: . Still nothing, any tricks?

I've never seen a clip like this so I haven't got a clue what tool would even work

OEM Yamaha front wheel bearings are not retained by any clips.

I looked at the diagram an figured that out, so I kept pounding away and still they didn't budge, but if I use a socket that fits on the bearing collar and get the sledge hammer it should go?

Each bearing has to be removed by driving it outward. You have to use a blind bearing puller, or reach through from one side to the back of the opposite bearing with a long punch.

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