Installing piston help

Anyone got a tip on putting the piston back in. I can get the top 2 rings in,but stuck at the oil rings. I had it in on the bench,but couldn't get the pin in the piston,moved it out and rings popped out again. The rings were all gapped correctly,just can't get it to drop in. Thanks

Ring compressor or large hose clamp. Both are cheap and worth their weight in gold.


Tried that. I have a ring compressor, the problem is with the low top piston you can't get the pin back in. The taper on the bottom of the cylinder lets the ring expand,you can't get your fingers in. I did it on the bench with a feeler guage,but can't do it upside down on the bike. A little frustrating is all

old school trick: run photo film round the rings and secure it with cable tie

I got it using a old dental tool,I had laying around.It was a mix spatula,thin enough to fit between the taper and the ring and strong enough to compress the ring. I made a laminated piece of paper to try like the film,but didn't end up using it. Thanks for the replys.

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