my nephew wants bigger bike

i bought my nephew dirtbike for Christmas.he loves riding but lately he has been complaining that bike isnt fast enough and is to small for him.he wants to sell his bike and buy yz426 or wr426.i told him he has to wait till next year when he's 5yrs old.what do you guys think about 4yr old going from a kx60 to yz426?do you think im being over protective making him wait till next year? Picture%20003.jpgPicture%20001.jpg

Is that a kid on that bike ?? can hardly see him over the handle bars :)


The WR looks to fit him fine. I think your being a little over protective.

Hey he's touching the pegs and he looks bigger than RC. :)

As long as he can kick-start it, he can ride it! :)

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