wr450 radiator shroud replacment

Has anyone replaced there raditor shrouds on there wr450 yet. If so what after market company where they from and are the the same as a yz450? My local shop is telling me that the are the same as yz450, but with the larger tank and larger raditors did not think they would be the same.

They are not the same.Pm HEckler i think he has a set with some stock factory effex graphics already on them.

They are not the same but Acerbis and GYT-R think they are. After trying both I had to buy OEM to fix one that I broke. Hopefully the aftermarket will realize soon that they are not interchangeable.

I wasted a shroud and smashed a radiator and the best price I found was at Yamaha of Troy. Only OEM parts are available for shrouds so far as I know. I got sent some crap by Dennis Kirk that they said would fit and as usual they were ful of----. Did find some pretty good graphics at Rocky Mountains website that fit. I think they were Factory FX. Tim

Anyone find aftermarkets yet?

Man do the stockers suck!



I am on my sixth set of radiator shrouds. I wish someone would make tougher ones. The stockers just keep getting folded back and creased to the point that they wont hold their shape. Thank god they are cheap. This is the most vunlnerable part on the bike. :)

6th set huh. I am only on my second and I crash a lot. You must either have a fetish about scratches on your shrouds or need training wheels like me. :D:):D

I have over 5,500 miles and I crash very little per mile. But I crash like all of us having fun out there. I usually wipe them out in tight woods in mud when I run over the small diameter trees. These shrouds stick out and when they peel back they are useless. They can bend back but they have lost their stiffeness. :)

Hey Indy, I see you have WORKS CONNECTION rad braces. I just got some and the right side doesnt seem to come close to fitting. I got mine thru TT but the tag says they are for a 03 YZ450, not WR450. Is there a different part or is there a trick to getting them to fit? Need help

I just fitted b&b brace - guards and the look fantastic and super strong.I had trouble making the right side fit.Got it eventually.Slight mod on my part.I agree the shrouds seem to be designed to catch trees.I hope this is the end of radiator replacement school for me.

Hey guys, the only rad shrouds I've found yet for the wr450 are Yamaha, as for the works conn rad braces , the WR450's are different from the yz450. Send back the yz450 braces cause they wont fit around the wr tank on one side. :)

Just funnin Indy.Hope I didnt offend. Out here in the west we dont often ride small tight trees. I can see where that would be a problem catching shrouds. When I hit a big tree my bars usually hit first and it bounces my shrouds out of the way I think. Only time I peeled one back was when I caught a boulder just right. A greenie jumped out on the trail and screamed and made ugly faces at me and scared me and I fell off. WOW 5500 miles! Do you mean all on your 450 this year? If so I am very impressed. Tim

Hey Tim, no offense taken. I am not a racer so putting in a lot of miles is not hard on intermediate terrain. I just got back from a week at Moab and ran most of the top ten difficult trails. It was tough and I was with a bunch of hard core racers. I made it through everything and ate everyone's dust but now I appreciate how difficult it is to put miles on a bike in hard technical terrain. We averaged 50 miles a day and we were beat up pretty good. You are right the shrouds did very well in desert type terrain. :)

Yeah Indy, well the guys I race against say I'm not a racer either. Moab is a hoot. Much rather ride Moab than race. I race enduros to have a different place to ride sometimes. Tim

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