Corral Canyon Tomorrow (San Diego)

Anyone interested in hooking up for a ride tomorrow at Corral Canyon? It will be warm so I'm planning on being there early.

Cheers! :)


Hey Bryan,

I was thinking of heading out there tomorrow as well. I usually stage at the Pine Valley turn off and come down Kernan Trail to Corrall Canyon and go visit Norm up in the lookout tower. Where ya gonna be? I'm R&Ding my CR500R for this type of riding so I hope ya don't mind having a 2 smoker buzzin' around! :)

Email me your contact info at and I'll call you tonight. I've only ridden there once, so I bet you can show me around.

CR500? You Da Man! If it has wheels and a motor, I'll ride it!



Thanks for posting this...I don't live in SD anymore unfortunately but I just couldn't remember the name of that place for anything. There is absolutely NOTHING like that here in Texas. Really glad to hear you still have it. In that same fun vein there was Gorman north of LA.

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