Injectioneering Report:

Despite the bad press on this and other sites, I decided the notchy throttle on my 2010 450F was more than I wanted to deal with, and decided to call Injectioneering for their help. On the track, the notchy throttle was not an issue, which may be why a lot of the magazines aren't talking much about the problem. Desert riding, picking your way over and around rocky creek beds, however, is another issue. I found myself wondering *** with the notchy throttle response off idle...The way I describe it, it is similar to cruising in your car or truck at a constant speed/throttle position and clicking the key on and off, that sort of response. I found if I snicked it a gear higher and used the clutch to decouple the motor's response from the rear wheel performance was acceptable, except for all the clutch action....I contacted Wade Wilcox and he assured me his mod would have me one handing it through and around the rockpiles using just the throttle, no clutch...I also asked about the bad press and roasting he had been getting about his business practices and modification turnaround time. He offered there were 2 sides to every story, and he was working diligently at getting all issues resolved. I removed all the extraneous hardware from my throttle body and sent it to him the Friday before Labor Day. I asked him to let me know when he received it, and he called me twice Tuesday, once to let me know FED-X had arrived and my TB had not, and later, he left a message that USPS had delivered my TB. The following day, Wednesday, he called to let me know he had shipped my modified TB UPS, and to expect it Friday. I received it Friday, (total turn around 5 business days) reinstalled it and was just this past weekend able to get back out in the rockpiles I had found so frustrating several weeks before. There was a night and day difference in the way the motor responded. No more hery-jerky reaction with the slightest touch of the throttle. I would highly recommend this modification to anyone that takes their 2010 YZ450F off road. End of discussion.


225.00 + shipping and insurance, and worth every cent.....

What does the mod consist of?

I find when I cruise at under 1/2 throttle on a straight I do not have any problems with the engine cutting in and out like you described.

I do find that the throttle is very sensitive and responsive, sometimes when you just want slightly over ideling power for the tight stuff it gets a little crazy. You crack the throttle ever so slightly in first for example in the tight stuff and the engine gives out too much power.

I dunno, other than that I'm pretty happy with the off road performance of the bike, but then again I don't ride anything in the desert.

I do notice that the engine misses a beat at idle every few seconds or so...

Im not completely sure on this but I believe the throttle pivot is off center to the throttle blade. So the throttle opening is much faster with little input. I believe the mod centers the pivot with the blade for slower more even response.

"The way I describe it, it is similar to cruising in your car or truck at a constant speed/throttle position and clicking the key on and off, that sort of response." If you'll read my description above, I WAS NOT describing how the 450 responds at 35 mph as you turn the ignition key on/off (Sheesh)...I was describing the surge at initial throttle opening from idle being similar to that .....That "surge" off idle goes away by about 90%, making it almost as easy to throttle over and around rocks as my carbed '06 450.....

can't different mapping and possible a G2 throttle cam do the same things as the inject. mod??

The different mapping takes away more than just the inital "surge"...I tried differenty maps and while it helped the 'surge"...It felt doggy on the bottom end...

+1 I have worked with maps to ease the twitchy throttle but it really kills initial power. I don't know about the G2 throttle but will look into that.

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