WR Starter wearing teeth off !

Hi have had a WR450 2004 for 4 years, light use only green laning once a month, but i'm on my third starter because of the teeth wearing off on the 9 tooth pinion.

Is this normal ?

Has anyone else had this problem ?

PS Where can i get reasonable priced starters ?

Is there any alternatives from other bikes ?


When you have two mating parts if one wears out, the other is also probably damaged. You need to change both damaged parts as a set.

Yes there is definately something wrong, I have an 05 WR450 with about 3700 miles on the clock, and no starter problems. I use the kicker when its cold, and the magic button only to restart when I stall the motor.

Any pics?


Ive just noticed this on my 07 as well while doing the cam chain. Found some shavings inside the magneto rotor ( being magnetic) which alarmed me, and the pinion of the starter motor is beat up pretty good ( certainly not what one would want to see after 2100 km of albeit, hard riding)

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