re-gearing recommendations

Im looking to gear down my 05 yz 450 for the woods to help compensate for only having a 4 speed. would going down a tooth in the front do the job, or should I go up a tooth in the rear sprocket as well this?


Depends what are you running currently. 1 tooth on the front is ruffely 3 teeth in the back. Meaning = reduce 1 tooth in the front is like going up 3 teeth in the rear. Calculation is- number of teeth on the rear sprocket divided by the number of teeth on the front sproket the will give you the secondary drive ratio. On my WR I felt it had a lack of torque, I went up 1 tooth on the rear sprocket - I'm happy.

Less teeth on front or more teeth on rear = more torque * Would not go lower then 13T on front

More teeth on front or less teeth on rear = more top end

Hope this makes sense

Good luck

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