Colorado: Red Cone/Webster?

Have any of you Colorado TTalkers tried to ride Red Cone and/or Webster this year?

Is it ridable?

How about Radical Hill?

Specifically, the intersection between Red Cone and Webster can have a big snow drift on it until mid July during a normal year. However, this year has been VERY WET. So I'm wondering if it will be passable until August?

We need a guinea pig to check it out!



Bryan in Denver...

I would guess that it will be end of July at best to get over Webster and Radical Hill.... even in a fairly light year it is mid July at best. Red Cone might be passable due to the west exposure.....coming from 285 you'd have to go down to Montezuma to get out. Would doubt you could get up thru St Johns either. I'm going to be down in the San Jaun's (Ouray) for the next two weekends.....plan on hitting Breck the weekend of the 12th.

We will likely head that way to see how far we can get.

Happy Trails! :)

But sometimes, earlier in the summer, you can get over Red Cone when Webster is not passable at the top.

I really doubt either are passable now.

Yo, Rockieman! When you get back from Ouray, please

PM me and give me a conditions update. I'm planning a

weekender down there in a few weeks. Last I heard, there

was still 6' on Black Bear.

Happy trails!


I've been riding there since 1977 and I highly doubt that you will be able to ride this area for at least another month.

If you do go up and can get over Red Cone, you have 2 choices. Lower your bike down the snow drift at Webster Pass with tow ropes. Or you can ride Radical Hill/South Fork of the Swann/Georgia Pass back to Hall Valley.

I'm going to go the end of July or the beginning of August. It's my favorite ride because of the views. :)


I havn't been there yet this year, but spoke with a guy last week that said it was till unridable.

I have heard of Red Cone and Webster before and the picture is great. Where abouts is this area. Riding is not very technical but my favorite area for views is Telluride Ouray Lake City. Tim

Go up 285 past Bailey 13 miles and turn right on County Road 60. This is the town of Webster. It's not really a town anymore but there is a small cemetary on the side of the road. Drive in several miles to the trail head and take off. You can ride to Keystone or Breckenridge on these trails.

Red Cone can be a little intimidating when you go down. It's supposed to be a one way trail down which is why we posted as to how you can get around the snow drift if Red Cone is open.

The picture is looking from the top of Red Cone down on Webster Pass and Radical Hill is in the background.

Me and my riding buddies discovered RedCone, Radical Hill, etc. September of last year. What a thrill! Nothing quite like a thunder storm when your above tree line. And watch out for those mountain goats when you come up from the bottom of radical hill. Sliding down a glacier was a first for me, too. Great fun for those of us who usually do only Rampart Range area every year!


I rode near there last week. Webster pass is barely open, but you can't get to Middle Fork from there. North fork (from Breckenridge) still has a snow drift past Wise Mountain Inn. I didn't try Middle Fork because I'm sure it has the same kind of snow drift at the top. I got through that drift 2 years ago on my third high speed attempt. I'll try it again in a few weeks as normally the 3rd week of July, the snow banks are gone. Radical hill usually has the last snow banks. Coming from 285 you'll probably hit the mother of all snow banks the last 50 feet from the saddle of Red Cone.


Thanks a bunch for the update. It would be great to know when this is open.

A little out of the area but still may be of interest for the riders looking at this thread. Talked with a buddy that went to Taylor Park this last weekend, he said a little snow way up high, otherwise dusty.

I just talked with a friend who went up to Webster/Red Cone on 6-29-03. He came from the 285 side, near the town of Webster.

He said Red Cone was closed with the metal Forest Service gate. He did make it a ways up Webster Pass breaking through multiple drifts but there is a 200+ yard long snow drift covering the pass. Looks like quite a while before this will be open. :)

He also rode from Hall Valley towards the town of Jefferson. He said many of the off shoot trails have been closed. The river crossing was close to 4 feet deep and one trials bike was submerged.

A friend of mine rode Red Cone on Friday, 7/4. He made it over successfully. However, he did say the big drift at the top of Webster is still there and not passable. He also said he couldn't make it up radical hill due to snow. But he rode down the west side of Webster pass to Monument and was able to access the above tree line stuff (on top of Radical hill) from that side.

Bryan in Denver...

How did he get back to Hall Valley? The ranger who lives in the valley get's very pissed when he sees people go back up Red Cone. He has a telescope and has warned us of this many times.

I'm sure in another couple of weeks it will be open enough to ride over Radical Hill and possibly Webster Pass as well.

Anybody gone up there lately? I'm going on 8-1-03.

Some of my buddies were up there last weekend....sounds like both Red Cone and Webster are open....we'll probably head back up there this weekend.

i going to check it out sunday! :)

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