Valve problems

I bought a used 00 426 on the 17 of Feb (yesterday). I started up, and after 2 minutes the exhaust pipe turned into glowing red, like lava from a volcano. The engine would not idle, and when i was driving the bike is was not running very well. What is the problem? Is it something wrong with the ignition and have i done som serious damage by running it like this. I was running it for 30 minutes. Help.

it is normal for the head pipe to turn red at idle, as for it running bad mabey you had the choke pulled out? or the hot start knob was pulled out ?

The red header is normal. Probably start by cleaning out the carb. What noises are you getting?

Here's what you do- you enter a night race, pull up to the gate and let it idle for a minute or two before they drop the gate. Right before they drop the gate point and look at your glowing pipe like it has you scared to death then when the 2-smokers around you look down at it you blast away and leave them wondering hehehe...

Seriously, the first time I noticed mine glowing it did scare me until I talked to some other owners who all said theirs did the same. Turns out that this bike just doesn't like to sit still and idle, also the head pipe is real thin stainless, so don't worry about it...


You need to describe how it ran, with A little more detail.

Did it run like it had no power are was it making noise?

Mine would run realy hot and would have no power. because the cam gear slipped on the cam so you need to help us out with a better description.

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