alpinesstars or sidis

whats the best boot vote your answer :D:)

Not to be short, but what ever fits you best. I love my AlpineStars, but a good friend of mine as a hard time with them and went another route. But you are asking a questions that has no real answer in my mind, its all individual preference. :)

Used both. Sidis best ankle support but crappy feel on shifter and brake and while they are confortable they do not fit well if you have large calves (I don't even use the top buckle and that after doing both the bolt hole adj and max slider adjust).

Tech 8s feel good but really don't support ankle enough in severe overjump bail offs. I broke both ankles that way with the Alpinstars and personally know of others they did the same.

The Sidis protect the ankle and foot much better but again the trade off is slight ankle rotation force instead of being absorbed by ankle is transferred to the knee joint.

So it's pick your poison.

Is there really such a thing as the "best" ????? :)

I don't know if they are the best but they have saved my toes, ankles and foot several times. When first looking for boots I did want to check out the Tech 8's and the Sidi Force boots. I couldn't find any Sidi's to try on ended up liking the Tech 8's and bought em. Haven't looked back since.

Good luck and purchase whichever you prefer


I have only used Alpine's and I cant say enough good things about them.

On the other hand there is plenty of folk on here that will tell you the SIDI's are top notch too.

I think you'll be happy with either choice.

I've used both, love my sidi, seem to have a lot more protection and fit my foot better(long and narrow_ :)

I have Large calf muscles and could not find boots that fit correctly. I came across the Sidi VORTEX and absolutely love them!

buy the way my vote is alpines tech 8 they are the most Comfortable and have a removable booty with gel ankles :)

As long as you choose a high quality boot manufacturer, it really is a question of budget, riding conditions and comfort in my mind. Both Alpinestars and SIDI make a top notch boot. I tried the Alpinestars and I didn't like the way they fit - even with the gel ankle and booty. They pinched my feet.

I chose a pair of SIDI Vortex (about $50.00 less than the Tech 8 or Force) and I love them. They are well armored, and very comfortable. Make sure you get a boot you can semi-walk in if you are trail riding because sooner or later, you will have to walk in them as well as ride in them.

Good luck!

Until Sidi makes a boot to fit my, "those aren't feet those are yards", I will have to stick with my highly recomended Tech 8's :)

I have both the sidi force boots and the tech 8's. I like the Sidis much better because they are much more flexible as far as moving my toe up and down. I also have skinny calves (16") and they fit me very well. I don't think they are as tough as the tech 8's though. I might get 2 years out of them at the rate I'm breaking things on them. The first thing I broke was when I was messing around on a ttr 125-r (very tiny bike) and a buddy was riding my bike. I had just gotten on the thing and figured out how to make it go, but not how to make it stop. :D My buddy stopped suddenly and I side swiped my own bike. I cut the second strap from the bottom and put another small cut in the boot itself. It is a good thing that strap is replaceable and it only cost $3 for 2 of them. The next item to break didn't completely brake, but got messed up. I crashed during a race and somehow ripped the top buckle out of its holder and didn't notice it until I finished. It is held in with two screws on the back, and a pocket in the boot on the front. I ripped it out of its pocket and it was just held on by the screws. :) I took the two screws out and it went back in ok. The next thing was a rock or something took little a chunk out of the toe. It doesn't have real leather, and I don't think it's as tough as the real stuff. I have the srs boots and I don't think I'll ever have to replace the sole. The rest of the boot will need replacing much sooner at this rate, probably in about 2 years. If I had it to do over, I would get the non srs version of this boot because it has a metal toe piece. The toes on my boots are getting trashed from rocks. Another weird thing is when I'm walking on an off-camber, the sides of the boot (around the top of the hinge) push on my ankles. I don't think I'll ever put the tech 8's back on though. I don't have anywhere near the control with those because they're so stiff. I have been riding for 8 years and am just now learning to use the rear brake while standing. Now I can feel what I am doing. When the sidis wear out, I'm going to get another pair without the srs. :D

your boots will depend on what you ride. If you are into very intense motocross or supercross then something along the lines of a Tech 8 might be best, if you are doing more enduro or mellow motocross then perhaps a vortex or tech 6 style boot. I personally like Alpinestars beeter since the few comparos I've seen out there on boots rate alpinestar way up there as one of the top makers. if you do a search on line for motorcycle boot testing some team did a full very techy study on boots with machines to test for lateral and hotizontal stabilidy, ankle and toe protection, measuring tolerances, range of motion etc..good luck and safe riding.


I dunno, I've tried on sixes and eights back-to-back and they felt the same as far as ankle support and sole stiffness.

I always thought the sixes were for guys who didn't like the booty...

I also think that Gaerne's SG is the equal of the Force or Tech 6/8, I have a pair and they are holding up very well, better than my last pair of Tech 8s with their disappearing sole...

I would say the best thing to do, if this is available to you, would be to try them all on, Vector, Force, Tech 6/8, SG1, and buy the one that fits you the best.

This is kind of like Ford vs. Chevy.... I have the Tech 8's.. They are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned, and probably the best piece of equipment that I've ever purchased.... My brother has Sidi's and LOVES them....... I can't tell you that Alpinestars are better cuz I've never tried the Sidi's... My next boots might be the Sidi's just so I will know which is best for me.... Both are great boots..... :)

I have some blue and white alinestar tech 8's. I love the boots. The best boot I have worn. I also own a pair of alpinestar M-4's for those really nasty and muddy days, they help my tech 8's lookin good. Oh yeah, a buddy of mine has the sidi's and after close examination, I like the make of my tech's better. Oh, his are the Vortex SIDI's. It all comes down to personal opionion. For me, its the Tech 8's. :)

Earlier this year, I decided that skimping on personal protection was no longer my MO, and a new pair of boots were needed. I choose the SIDI FlexForce, because I felt the plastic exo-skeleton, much like a snow skiing boot, was the best choice.

I received my SIDI boots on January 16 of 2003, and this is what they look like now:

Notice the screws on the adjustable calf plate. They will rattle out if you do not loc-tite them, or check them for tightness after 2-3 rides. Also, I pulled out a couple of the metal backing plates, so I had to jimmy-rig another out of a washer. It works....


Pretty beat. I do run IMS Pro Series pegs, which are stainless steel, and the teeth are SHARP. But still?

Pay particular attention to how I am now past all of the plastic, and I am now going through the leather. I need a patch job to save these boots. They were comfortable out of the box; they give excellent support and protection; but I hope yours look better going into their 7th month of use....


I ordered a pair of Sidi Force boots, but was a little disappointed when they wouldn't fit around my calf. I bought a pair of Tech 8's and love them.

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