86 XR250R broken Kick arm joint

Hi All, first post for me :-)

I recently picked up an old 86 XR250R to get myself started - just wanted to see if I liked the trails or not. Love the bike, its been really really easy to ride and a good learner!

Was starting it the other day and the kick starter fell off, turns out the kick arm joint had snapped.

I'm having a lot of trouble finding this part, I've called several dealers and wreckers and all of them say that the part is discontinued and cannot be got :-(

Just wondering if anyone knew of any similar bikes that used the same kick start? or a store that might have them in stock?

Also, does anyone know what size the spline is? Because I've found a few on ebay but some say 16mm some say 17mm, and when I measure mine I get about 16.5mm (only have cheapo calipers though)

As far as I can tell the part number is 28300-KT1-670.

Any help appreciated - don't wanna have to scrap the bike over something this small, I want it to go out with a bang!

I would be more concerned about the reason it broke, Do you take up the play when you kick start it? You must not kick from the very top of the stroke, I would say the last owner did not know how to start it???

Try JDK, I know these guys (in the link below) should have a kickstarter, I have bought a few odds and ends from them, They are about a 5 minute drive from me, If they wont post it let me know and I could help you out

They have a couple of XR250's, last time I was there anyway, any 1986 - 1995 will fit just to let you know



I had a look at the metal and its actually rusted a bit along where it broke, so it has been cracked for some time, I just didn't realise it when I bought it.

Thanks heaps for the link, I'll drop them a line.

If any 1986 - 1995 kick start will fit how come they changed the part number for them several times? Seems a bit strange.

Got the parts numbers from http://www.hondapartshouse.net/pages/parts/viewbybrand/7/Honda.aspx

1986 version:


1987 - 1991 version:


So it appears that the kick arm joint was changed in 1987 and kept the same from that point onwards. Explains the 17mm splined kicks I find on ebay, when mine is 16mm. Also explains why I can't get one, it was only around for one year (the part number for the '85 model is also different).

I wonder if I could retrofit the kick start shaft from a 1987 bike?

Interestingly this store hasn't highlighted the part as not available. Although I'm paranoid to order because I bought off a local store the other day and they didn't realise they couldn't get the part until I had already paid. This store is in the states and wants $150 for the part, so not sure if its worth the risk. (would be hard to get my money back)

Sometimes similar parts are interchangable even though they have different numbers. Try to find someone with a newer 250 and ask nicely to borrow their kick starter. Then you'll know if a newer one will fit without shelling out the cash on a possible gamble.

i believe you can retrofit the slightly increased diameter kickstart shaft ,and kickstart knuckle

fitted to bikes from about 87 on,i know the larger knuckle is still available,as

i had to buy one for my 88 250 a few months back

Wow thats a great find! the 84 XR200 has the same part number.

Hopefully one of them will ship to Australia.

It wasn't coming up on the australian website because they've both been listed as US shipping only. Hopefully one of them can be pursuaded :-)

Wish me luck!


I would be more concerned about the reason it broke, ...

I always bring the kicker up against compression before booting it, yet...


Thankfully, I noticed it before it failed completely.

I always bring the kicker up against compression before booting it, yet...


Thankfully, I noticed it before it failed completely.

Always bring the kicker to TDC, then use the manual decomp lever to get it just past TDC.... then kick it. I had the knuckle of my 400 do the exact same thing a few months back. Like you, I was lucky enough to catch it before it busted off and I busted my shin..... Cost me $100...:ride:

Horaay! one of the ebay wreckers is sending me a new kick! I'm back in business!

I don't reckon its worth worrying too much about how it happened, looks like the type of part thats just gonna be subject to a hell of a lot of stress over its life no matter what you do. Specially since its 24 years old!

Thanks all for the help.

Pataz - Thats exactly where / how mine broke! And thats a fatigue fracture too - repetitive stress over long periods of time.

Probably why they changed the part in '87.

Just curious, How much did they sting you for it?

about $100 after postage.

Its the post from the states that brings the price way up, but still, better than not riding :ride:

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