Going from an XR100 to a YZ250F

Hey Guys,

My son just turned 14 and he has grown like a weed. He is now too small with his XR100 and he wants a YZ250F. He is 5'9", 125 lbs. I am concerned that the YZ maybe too big and fast for him. He is a great rider on his XR100. I have seen him climb hills with that bike that I would not have dreamed it could make. On one nasty hill, I saw a DRZ400 rider turn around and we went flying by. He talked about it for a few days. I tried to have him look at the WR250F, but, he wants no part of it. He worships the motocross guys. Anyway, at least the YZ250F is lighter. I noticed that it does not have the radiator overflow bottle like my WR. Does that cause the YZ to overheat more on the trails. I am also concerned that the first gear of the YZ250F maybe too high. Thanks in advance on any advice you could give me. As you may know, even if there is a better bike for him, he is that age where he will not even consider it. He wants to ride what his heros ride. :)

He is the exact size as me and I ride a GasGas 200ec. I rode a friends 250f and it was pretty good. As long as he is ready for the extra power which it sounds like he is then the 250f should be a good step up. :)

Is there a way you can let him ride the WR and then the YZ on a tough trail? That will make up his mind. He will hate the YZ on tough trails... gauranteed!!!\


The 250F won't overheat on the trails unless you sit there for awhile, engine running. Turn it off if it's going to be a few minutes without airflow. Change the rear sproket to 50 tooth to slow it down, see the "Upgrades" section here: http://www.thumperfaq.com/ You'll be interested in Powernow/Homemade version (AvNow, Jamesnow, et. all), as well as the other valuable info here. You're a swell dad! :)

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