Stock suspension rework, what works and what doesn't?

Hey, Ya’ll,

What’s up? I am looking for some advice. I hear so many good things about modifying the suspension BUT I don’t have the funds just yet for a professional suspension reworking. I am capable (meaning I can do mechanical but haven’t worked on suspension) and would like to modify my stock suspension (adjusting shims, drilling out valves, etc.) so I can get improve what I got until I can pay for better. I am 160-165lbs and ride woods and tight trials. With my weight and style I hope I can manage with my stock springs for now.

Can those of you that have modified yours fill me in on what ya’ll have tried and what has worked?

OR should I even bother until I can do it right? :)

Thanks ya’ll, I look forward to your responses.




Get a shop manual. Change the oil in forks and lube up your swingarm and linkages. Your springs are fine for your weight. Check out the "Pig Pen". The moderator is about your size. He should have some good set up info. If your still not satisfied, then look into valving.

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