is the wr450 the bike for me?

Looking for all of your input. I am considering going out and buying a new wr450, but several things have me considering other models. I am in San Diego, lots of Baja riding, some desert and at least twice a year I head north for wooded mts.

-the green sticker issue. I have a business in AZ and ride there as often as CA ORV areas. What if I buy and register the bike in AZ yet occasionally ride in CA? What are the legalities of this? Any AZ riders visit the So. CAL deserts? It's hard to get a read on things from the CA state web pages.

-range, from what I understand even with the larger (not by much) imf or clark tanks limit the bike to around a 75 mile range? This will NOT cut it on some of my favorite baja rides. 100 + is a must.

all input would be greatly appreciated. I haven't bought a brand new bike for years so I am anxious, yet cautious.



if your going to be riding desert only then id look into the xr650 or the ktm 525 mxc desert but the wr is the sweet all round package... 100 miles is a stretch and yes you can register a bike in az and ride it ca with a permit or you can dual sport it in az and bring it to california with 7500 miles on it... good luck :):D

KTM will be easier to green sticker and the 525MXC has a great 3.5 gallon tank. :)

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