Rattling from engine!

I rode at Glamis this weekend for the first time and had a great time but I noticed a new noise coming from my 99'400. It didn't occur with out a load on the engine like if I rev it in neutral. It seemed to only happen in gear when at a good cruising speed/rpms for running in the dunes. It sounded like a pinging noise but it seemed to be too loud. I haven't heard my bike ping for sure though so I haven't ruled that out. I'm curious how out of adjustment the valves would have to be till they got real loud? Is there a possibility that the timing chain could have been slapping something? I haven't had the motor apart since I've owned it but I'm definately going to check the valve clearence before the next ride. Any other ideas? It's really hard to pin point where the sound was coming from since like I said it is only while riding and in only a small RPM window. I am running 92 octane gas adn it was probably 85 degrees out there this weekend but would that be enough to make the bike ping? Thanks for ideas to look for in advance!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

I suspect it could be your CB gear key. Do a search and you will find lots of info about it.

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