Front brake hyd resevoir stuck

I want to add some more dot 4 brake fluid on my front brake, but the 2 bolts that hold the metal resevoir are stuck and stripped. How do I get them out? Will I have to redrill it?

Is there some sort of aftermarket reservoir made out of plastic. Those seem to be better and do not get stuck.

Hey Scorch, Bummer about your resevor cap screws. May need to perform surgury on 'em.

Assuming that you don't need to bleed air out and just want to add fluid because it's showing low; change your brake pads. When you are at the low level it means the pads are worn. When you stick new ones in, your level will be right back where it should be. The brake fluid appears to stay pretty stable over time. I have just replaced all the brakes and bled in new fluid on all of my bikes (with discs). I know for a fact that the older bikes had the stock pads and fluid. The fluid on all of the rear brakes was coffee colored. Even my newer PIG, but I am a notorious brake dragger. The front brake fluid on all the bikes, even my son's '95 KDX (bought used about 4 months ago) was still the color of new fluid. Not that I still didn't change it out. Good luck with those screws! :)


If I understood the question correctly this will take your stripped screws out...If I didn't then please forgive me, I'm a TT newbie!

There is a tool called an E-Z out that you should be able to get at any hardware store. It looks sort of like a center punch with teeth. Set it on top of the stripped screw heads, tap it with a hammer :) to set the teeth and back the screws out.

I don't know about plastic reservoirs :excuseme:but somebody on TT always seem to know about the trickest new stuff.

Hope this suggestion helps...let us know!

:D :D :D

Any luck with that brake light, scorch? :):D

Any luck with that brake light, scorch? :D :D

:) I was trying to fix the rear brake light, and one thing led to another and I removed the engine by mistake.. Now I lost all the bolts for the engine and I am going to zip tie the engine to the frame now. :D

Now to fix the front brake resevoir thingy.. Ill probably chop my arm off. :D

I gotta get some good toolz. :D


This isn't as bad as it looks. The only way to take those out is with an impact driver. But, I suspect you are past that point. I've had about 30 bikes over the years and most were "fixer uppers". One method has never failed to get terribly stripped (stripped round) screws out of the resevor cap. What you need is a small flat blade screw driver and a small hammer. Put the tip of the screwdriver on one side of the phillips grove at a slight angle. The screwdriver needs to be almost straight up. The majority (95%) of the force of the impact is going down. Tap on the screwdriver until the screw breaks loose. I would not use a chisel and prefer to use a screwdriver with a worn tip. If there is no place for the screwdriver to catch the screw, make a small notch using a Dremmel tool with a cut off wheel. You will be pleasantly suprised. E-mail me you phone number if you have question and I will call you. Remember, persistance overcomes resistance every time! :)

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