cr125 or cr250????

I am looking to buy a 2 stroke and I can't decide which to get, a 125 or a 250. Currently I ride a crf230, and previously I've had an xr400, xr200, klr250, xl250, all 4 strokes. This will be my first 2 stroke bike. I've been riding 20+ years, mostly trail/mountain riding. I recently (4 months ago) started riding tracks, but my crf230 just isn't made for tracks. I have fun on the crf230 on the beginner/intermediate tracks but on the advanced tracks my crf230 is killing me (lack of suspension, power). What would be the best 2 stroke for me, a 125 or a 250? I'm 5'7, 150 lbs.



I'd go for the 250, just make sure you hang on!

I also agree, go with the 250 two stroke.

But, one question. Why would anyone, with 20+ years of riding experience buy a CRF230 ???


I recently recovered from a major shoulder/arm injury (pins, plates, etc) and needed a small, easy bike to get back into riding. I hadn't been on a bike in almost two years so I wanted to ease my way back into riding, thus I got a crf230.

As I mentioned in my original post, this will be my first 2 stroke and I want to make sure that I start out with the right bike. What about starting with a 125 to get used to riding a 2 stroke and upsizing to a 250 in a year. The majority of my riding on the 2 stroke will be on a track.

Go for the 250 but trust me don't try to go all out the first day you get it. It's ALOT of bike. Just take your time. It's totally different than a 230. My yz250 has mo problem liftin the front wheel off the ground in fourth gear and I'm on the bigger side like 190lbs.

Just respect it but if you don't you will get hurt.

Good luck on your choice man!!

God bless!

I would get the cr250 to because you will just get use to the power of a 125 2t.

i don't have anything bad to say about the 250 i personally have a 07kx450f and a 04rm125 i think that weight and actual useable power i would get the 125 if u are and agressive rider at your size a 125 would be a good choice just stay on the pipe and they are great bikes

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