Where to find needle jets? Need help!

I'm having no luck finding the OBDUQ needle jet for my WR450F. According to the manual, this is the stock jet used for all non US models. Tried Sudco and they can't get it - as was the case with my dealer. Anyone else been down this road? :)

so, you've been saved from yourself. thank somebody above if i were you.


Try the sudco EMM,EMN,EMP needles


Thanks for the info! It's nice to get a reasonable reply instead of a smart $%# answer. I guess some folks need to get a life :D. After reading a gazillion jetting posts, I've noticed that no one with the Euro spec jetting is complaining. So I thought I'd try that next. But since JD is close to having his kit out, think I'll just wait for it. I'm really close except for the off-idle bog, which I only notice when I'm riding really tight technical stuff. :)

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