Thoughts on trades?

Just wondering what everyones thoughts on trades on bikes? Things to look out for, just general good advice. I want to trade my 03 450 for a 05 yz 250.

Make that trade ASAP !!!


:ride: I know right, I had a 05 yz before my 03, really impressed on the suspension on that bike

no different than regular bike shopping, I personally would gather "ammo" to up the value of my bike and downgrade the value of hte other guys bike. I would go on craislist and find all the overprices '03 Yz450's and and say see mine is worth this, and then go find all the underpriced '05 yz250's and say "see yours is worth this" other than that, overall condition of the bike is more important than year, so get a clean one :ride:

also strip off anything you can from yours and sell seperately on ebay, I have never included any extras when I sell my bikes.

If you can, see if you can trade for an 06. Much better suspension IMO. Unless, there is a person with an 05 that will trade you...then go for it.

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