4 week wait for a damaged piston. Could I bend over any farther?

What's up with Yamaha lately? I'm really starting to get irked with Yamaha parts distribution. It seems like every part I order takes about 2 weeks to come in. I love my Yamaha but I'm starting to pile DNFs because of slow parts distribution. Anyone else having these problems. Every late part drives me closer to abandoning ship. Honestly, when I rode Suzukis, unless it was a real oddball part, if I ordered it on Monday after the race it would be there by friday of the same week.

This last incident with Yamaha has shaken up my confidence in their ability to deliver a part with out having to call every shop in the state and checking part availability.

I mean 4 weeks for 98 YZF400 piston. What's up with 4 weeks? Then to top it off, the damn thing is damaged and unusable. This forces me to drive back to the local dealer and return a defective part that took freakin ages to come in.

Man I'm pissed. Looks like I get start saying that racer's slogan. "We'll get em next year!"

**** the season just started.

Bummed in Texas.


Concho, I believe it was Hick (member) who turned alot of us on to HLSM online parts. He also voiced disdain for dealer service (he's also in Texas) and claims he only buys parts on-line now.

Hick- hope I don't offend you for name dropping!

I live in the Houston (Texas) and the dealers

don't stock normal wear parts so I order most things online. The price is better

and it comes to my office.

Sure beats calling the dealer.

Zack Attack190

I usually get my parts in about a week, but I do order online sometimes also. You might check with wiseco to see if you can get a piston from them. I think they have the 426 piston now. Parts for Yamaha's from dealers has been a pain, seem like they would rather let you wear your machine out and buy a new one instead of maintaining the one you have. Some models older than 10 years are already obsolete grrrrrrr... I haven't tried HLSM but I hear they are hard to beat.

I forgot to add this.

Whenever someone tells you two weeks, start asking questions as to why. Get the details!

It just may be a shipping issue from a more distant location.

Some of these parts guys really have to be pushed....in a nice way.

I agree HSLM is hard to beat on prices but my experience with them stocking parts has not been favorable. I ordered 2 shims that were back ordered from Yamaha that I finally received 6 weeks later and a coil for my WR that took 4 weeks. They probably are not to blame rather Yamamha should get their distribution problems sorted out. If this would have happened during the warm weather riding season I would have been alot less congenial about the whole situation. I also agree that back when I was riding RM's I do'nt recall ever having a part on "back order".


2000 Yamaha WR400F

1988 Honda NT650 Hawk

1977 Suzuki RM250B

1974 Honda XR75K1

Some of the dealers don't like doing this, but when you're a racer, you can order stuff from the dealer and have it shipped directly from the Yamaha distributor.

If they don't want or think they can do it, talk to the manager or go elsewhere.


Concho, where are you located at? I am from San Angelo but live in Lubbock now.

The skinny is most aftermarket parts are available to the dealer in 5 days max. If you order something from the big Distributers the

parts guy can call and check on whether part is in stock. If its one in stock hold your breathe...distributer computers can be off.

I order from Parts Unlimited and Tucker daily

and have few problems with them. Oem can be different ....most Yamaha parts 3days,Honda 2

days, Kawasaki/Suzuki 5-7 days. But it all depends on the dealer and how fast he wants to turn parts. Since I am in TX and Tucker

and Parts unlimited are withing 40 miles I

can have parts ordered before 3 by the next day...as long as UPS doesn't bone me. There

are some variables as far as delivery is concerned for DeaLERS. ups IS ONE OF THEM.

Originally posted by dirtdad:

Concho, I believe it was Hick (member) who turned alot of us on to HLSM online parts. He also voiced disdain for dealer service (he's also in Texas) and claims he only buys parts on-line now.

Hick- hope I don't offend you for name dropping!

I actually get 90% of my parts, and I’ve bought a lot of parts, from NCY and Montclair Yamaha. No particular reason but they get my return business because they have good inventory and prices (esp. NCY) and knowledgeable and friendly parts guys (esp. Montclair).

NCY has made a few mistakes on my orders but is always happy to rectify the problem, and both places are good about volunteering information about the part if it isn’t in stock (like where and why). The only part I’ve had to wait more than a week for is third pinion gear. Piston, rings, all manner of gaskets, seals and o-rings, every bearing in the motor, cases, covers, crankshaft, rod, rim, spokes, shims, linkage, bolts, plastic, you name it, I have all gotten within a week. I suspect both NCY and Montclair do a large parts business, the phone is answered promptly, they know what they are talking about and they’ve got things in stock.

I have also talked to mechanics from both shops over the phone and was surprised by how willing they were to spend the time talking to me and answering my questions. I always got good information from them.

This sort of behavior lies in direct contrast to my local dealer’s (terrible) attitude (nonexistent) inventory and (words fail me here) knowledge.

BTW my local dealer is Mr. Motorcycle in El Paso (915-545-2453). If you are frustrated with your local dealer a quick call to far west Texas will put things in their proper perspective…

OTOH they DO have an ’01 400 SX for $5,695 if you like orange (apparently folks in EP do not, that bike has been on the floor since Sept.). It’s okay to buy a bike from them, just don’t let them work on it…

But if you just want mail-order parts I’d recommend

North County Yamaha 800-225-1629 (Escondido, CA)

Montclair 800-743-3926 (closed Monday, somewhere else in CA).

I live about 15 miles from NCY and I go to them to get yamaha parts. They are very knowledgable and like Hick said they do have a large inventory and they're cool to deal with. I lately have been getting most of my aftermarket parts from a place called ecycleparts.com. The buisness is located in Poway, Ca. (San Diego) I walk in and the people there are really nice and are more then willing to go out of their way to find a part if they don't have it. They are fairly new and I think they are still working on setting up their internet sales buisness. Check them out occasionally until they get their site up www.ecycleparts.com. Their prices in the store are really good. I got my full hurricane kit for $215 and they had it in stock.



When in doubt, GAS IT!


Here's a short update. Got on the horn with the Yamaha complaint department. After stating the facts to the Yamaha rep they did a little poking around and came back to me with a free piston for my trouble. Its nice to get a free piston out of all of this mess but in truth I'm still waiting for this free piston. I would have rather bought the thing and have it come in on time.

Still Waiting...


I just had to have my crankcase assembly replaced on my 99 WR400 because the kickstart stopper broke and took the case with it. It took almost 3 weeks to get the head gasket. The bike was out of commission for over a month! It looks like I'm not alone with this kind of problem.

Originally posted by Rich in Orlando:

[bIt took almost 3 weeks to get the head gasket. The bike was out of commission for over a month![/b]

That is INEXCUSABLE!! Why didn’t they try an aftermarket gasket?

I would be livid if a mech. let a problem like that delay any work on my bike. I can get an oversize (97mm) Cometic gasket kit for my (444 cc) YZ from four or five different places within a week.

I agree with Hick,

NCY is the best. 9.5 times out of 10 they have what I need. Very helpful staff and knowledgable. I'll even make the 45 min. drive (each way) if I am in hurry and can't wait for UPS to show up the following day. Mined you I have a Yamaha Shop about 10 minutes away but i have given up on calling these guys to check stock and this is a good sized shop. Simple gaskets & seals are a non stocking item. Although it's normally only 2 or 3 days if they have to order it from Yamaha but i hate having to pay up front for something they should be stocking any way. NCY even has a fully stocked box van they take to the local races to support anyone on a Yamaha. My kid blow up his bottom end on his YZ80 and they had everything we needed in the van. Including a balanced crank. 95% of my aftermarket purchases are from White Bros. Another case of getting great service, knowledgable friendly sales staff, excellent tech support and they stand behind the products they sell. can't go wrong with that combo. I hear good things about Montclair Yamaha as well.


If you've been a member of this forum for a while, like I have, you've seen that many of us out there have had similar problems with getting parts from YMC. I had a tranny failure on my 426 last year, after having the bike for only 2 months. Not only was the 4th gear backordered for 2 months, but YMC didn't pay for a thing with many complaint's to the customer service reps. It didn't matter who I called, the parts were backordered, so "no one" had the parts. Do you think I'm hopping on a Yamaha for 2001? Think again. It's been almost a year since that incident and I'm still pissed off about it. That's why I have a 2002 Honda 450 on order and I'm riding a 2001 CR 250 currently. I'm glad to hear that you got your piston free of charge, but I can sympathize with you just wanting to pay for the part when you need it, instead of having to jump through hoops in order to get something accomplished.


Originally posted by intothumpin:

95% of my aftermarket purchases are from White Bros.

White Brothers is no longer selling retail mail-order, they will only sell to dealers now.

But they did fill my last order, they must have felt bad hearing a grown man cry like that…

Another Sort update. I got the "free" piston in a week. Should have been that way in the first place. I just wish it would have came in on time with me paying a fair price for the damn thing. I hate the fact that the new season has started and I've already missed a couple of races. Sort of deflates that racing spirit. I know I could of gotten an aftermarket piston but that's just not what I wanted to do. I've done the aftermarket piston route before, and honestly it seemed liked that was the trigger to a permanent downward slide in performance. For most engine stuff, I just believe that stock is best.

Next bike I get is going to have the magic button on it. Looks like I'll be riding Orange. I just hope that dealer in Louisiana gets their bins full.



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